Standing on Glass

I have a glass awning. It looks like a laminate. I have upload photos of the awning. The glass is about 1/2 inch thick. I feel that we can walk on the glass as long as you stay off of the middle of the glass. There are three cross I-Beams and one on either side length wise. Let me know what you think.

Do the building owner and your insurance agent agree with you?

I have two solariums that I have walked on in the past. I am doing all I can to get away from it. That said I AM NOT SAYING YOURS IS SAFE, I’m just saying it has been done before. If you are doing the glass above the solarium I would think you’d need gear/tools to complete the job which would make it so you don’t have to walk on the supports.

To be clear, we have NEVER stepped on the glass, but on the beams. These have been at residental homes where they were fine with it as all previous companies have walked it. Being a commercial building I would be more concerned about OSHA.

So yes it can be done, but I don’t recommend it.

I would not walk on the glass. It is only supported on 2 edges. Are you asking because you need to clean the awning glass or the windows above it? Is this your personal home or a customers house? If the home is fairly new, you may want to check with the architect to find out what kind of load rating those supports can handle and how they envisioned cleaning it.

We’ve probably all done it. Should we do it? NO

This is the only glass I have ever walked on, and the builder said to, It is the middle part of the floor on top of the house, the part I call the crows nest, with the stairs under the glass floor going all the way down, but this glass was also like 2 inches thick.

I did a construction clean up on a circular glass roof which was 60’ at its highest point. The glass was approved for walking on as it was the same stuff used to construct glass dance floors.

It still gave me a weird unnerving feeling though to look down through it to the marble floor beneath. I deliberately over priced the job and ended up getting it LOL.

I will never forget walking up to the highest point to start cleaning it while construction workers peered up at me waiting for the sickening sound of a crack. [B][I]Shudders[/I][/B]:eek: The things we do to earn our pay

who designs things like this? …

I would not walk on it.

+++1 i would never walk on glass. It’s not a floor and you wont get a 2nd chance. It’s not like ice where you will hear it cracking. If glass is going to break it breaks. You wont hear it coming. Get an articulated boom to do the job right. If you under bid the gig, oh well, live an learn figure out a safe way of cleaning it. This is not the skyway where as the glass is designed for people to walk on it. If you or an employee falls threw it, in the end you will be wishing you passed up the gig. Your best off in knowing what you can an can not clean. Don’t jus take the gig cause it’s glass. There are reasons other companies pass on work like this. Don’t be the guy who THINKS he can pull it off cause the walked on one plate. One plates strength is not going to be the same as the plate next to it.

What good is walking on it going to do? It looks out of reach to the top glass anyway? If your poling it, you might as well be poling it from the edge anyway, or as Juggernaut suggested get a snorkel lift in there, surely there is nice wide sidewalk leading to those doors?