Start of tornado season

Well I was doing an estimate for residential window cleaning. Right around 5 pm . Getting out on the BA express way out of downtown was definitely an interesting experience. Traffic , high winds, hail, rain

Oh and by the way this was just behind me by minutes …

So hopefully Jared is good in OKC
Moore, OK got hit again !!

Be safe for those in the alley .
Season has started early .

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All good here John but Moore got hit again but that’s apparently become the norm

Stay safe John :slight_smile:

Stay safe guys happy to hear you guys are safe. John and Jared.

Good to hear your safe Jared and thanks Steve :slight_smile:

Moore must have a target on it. Just think it’s the I35 / I40 corridor in OKC
Must be a spot where all the conditions are met, cold air / warm air inflow

Lets see 1999,2013

For those who want to watch the biggest recorded tornado F-5 1999 OKC


Cleaning in those winds? That’s what I call dedication!