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Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and seeking advice for starting up my own residential/small commercial window cleaning business. I worked at a friends window cleaning business for a few months a couple of summers ago so I know the basics and have a general understanding of the business and what it takes. Also, currently I am working as an accountant. I have always desired running my own company rather than accounting for someone else. With my accounting experience I am vary familiar with quickbooks and a lot of the recording and budgeting side of things.

I have about $10,000 in cash to put into the business up front. I do not own a truck or van yet; I drive a car.
My question is this: If you were starting over from day 1 knowing what you know now and you had $10,000 how would you invest it? What things would you absolutely buy, and what would you stay away from?

Also if anyone knows of a good thread with start up recommendations could you please point me in the direction of that thread. I couldn’t find anything at first glance.

Any tips or recommendations are greatly appreciated.
Thank you everyone.


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Welcom to the forum.

If I had $10,000 at star up I would use $1,000-3,000 to start the business and save the rest with interest!

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I need a work van or truck though. That’ll be the main expense. Does anybody have a preference one way or the other between a truck and van? I think a van would be better because you can keep your gear locked up inside

$10k isn’t enough to get a good vehicle and start the business. I’d finance the vehicle, get the basic necessary tools. Save 3-4k and spend the rest on marketing.

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I started with a borrowed squeege white doodle bug pad, 50$ used mt22, paper towels and drive. The first job bought be some tools and a bucket. We are doing really well now.

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I have a different opinion. I started with sweat equity and have build my business 100% debt free with very little capital.

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Save it for a rainy day

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[MENTION=37473]TJH0118[/MENTION] why can you not use your car? You dont have to have a fancy work van to start with. Make sure your car is clean and presentable. Pursue some 1 story work with a small folding ladder until you can afford a larger setup. Do not quit you day job until you get some work setup. I builtmy business for 2 years while holding a day job.

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aww man, you are in a sweet spot!
-join wcra for $99
-join wcra for $99
-finance a cargo van for about $5k. Have it lettered out with a simple, loud message about what you do and how to reach you ($800)
-spend $1k on a 24’ ladder, a 4’ stepladder, all the basic wc tools, and ladder racks for your new van.
-spend $1200-$1500 on a basic DI cart/30’ or so carbon fiber wfp (or build your own DI cart for half the money)
-spend $2k on a killer website, seo optimized, and make sure you’re web guy can get you listed on all the frequented directories online (yahoo, yelp, yellowpages, linkedin, manta etc). budget a couple hundred a month for them to maintain it.
-spend the rest on focused marketing- direct mail to the neighborhoods you want to work in; referral building tools like $25 professionally printed gift cards; door hangers etc.
-search here and read till your eyes bleed.
-if you missed step #1, join wcra for $99

Here is my list…

  1. Buy a wcra membership because of the discounts you will receive

  2. Buy a cup of coffee at you favorite cafe, sit and relax. Enjoy the calm before the storm that is starting a business.

  3. Why are you still sitting?? GET TO WORK!!


Same here. Started with a Volvo while still cleaning carpets full time for someone else. Surf rack for ladders and about 1.5 years later full time windows.

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Here you go: Getting Started

Thank you all for the welcomes and the advice!

I started last May part time out of my two door Chevy Cavalier doing storefronts, once I started getting requests and my name out there for residential I bought a Chevy Blazer (for $1000)

Just 5 months ago, January, I bought the best work investment finally in my new truck Chevy Silverado… I put ladder racks on it and a tool box from tractor supply.

You can start with any vehicle. Don’t waste money on a WFP set up right away. If you’ve never cleaned glass I would recommend get started on storefronts the commercial work (smaller 2 story buildings are what i suggest)

Don’t throw $10k into equipment and a new vehicle without the clientele. I have absolutely zero debt with my business and it was the smartest move I did when starting.

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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^good points.

Just don’t underestimate the value of having a work-appropriate vehicle. It’s like hitting fast forward on your business. I would get into a pick-up or van as soon as humanly possible.

Ask Jesse Green if he wishes he would have done it sooner.

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A car can be fine if your mainly doing houses. Or sale your car get a little pickup buy a ladder rack slap a 24 foot ladder on it and still buy the little giant.good professional squeegees etc.
I made lots of money before wfp.

Learn the trade and skill the rest will come.
Remember we all love to spend other peoples money.

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I am thinking of a similar approach. I am going to start booking jobs part time as I can get them the rest of this summer/fall season to get established and more experience cleaning and pricing jobs (I did some window cleaning for a few months a couple years back). Hopefully I can get by with doing work out of my car for now. And then next Jan/Feb I will get a company vehicle. WFP definitely isn’t a priority right now. Zero debt is the way to go!@ProWindowCleaning

I started with my car and roof racks for ladders until I could afford a truck. Start with basic tools, and buy stuff as you need it for jobs that you get, knowing you’ll need it again