After reviewing and researching a few window cleaning “franchises” I have decided to move forward in my own business window cleaning. Any advice for a new person, ie common mistakes others made in the begining.

Any advice would be great great greatly appreciated

Tampa, FL

Welcome to the forum, I just have a few questions in order to get some more info-

whats your focus- residential, commercial, or storefront?
are you going to be doing the work or are you hiring employees?
will you have an office staff right away?
will you be doing sales for your company or will you hire that out?
How do you plan to advertise your services?
what is your ballpark budget going into this before you buy anything?
last but not least, what are some of your goals?

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My focus is going to be residential and storefront. I don’t have the capital or know how to do anything over 3 stories at this time.

I am going to be doing the work for the first few months to learn myself and be able to save money up for payroll. as well as be able to train someone when the time comes.

I will not have an office staff right away. i think i will be able to handle most things myself in the beginning. then i wanted to hire someone to answer a phone using a google voice line perhaps so the individual can work from home.

For sales I will try and target a few store fronts and try and work referral sources from that as well as residential. I am wanting to do sales myself. and then in the future do sales myself as well and hire out for the work.

advertising is going to be snype signs at first since that can be done for under $200 with my own man hours putting out on the roadways.

my budget right now i currently about $5,000 to start up

my goals are to be able to get paid for hard work. I am tired of working 60+ hours in the corporate world for the same money if i am making sacrifices i want to be reaping the benefits of that. as well as build a business that will yield a cash flow for my family that later down the road can be ran by me or someone and continue to do so. I am visualizing 4 years down the road having about 3 trucks/vans with crews working.


Also, what are the basics I need in respect to purchasing equipment.

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What type of work are you looking to start up doing?

Residential? Storefront? Commercial? All of which require a different tool box, somewhat.

Mike Radzik

Pro Window Cleaning

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I am looking to do residential 1 and 2 story as well as storefront.

And as far as the earlier post I replied but it never went through.
I am going to do the work with hopefully one helper until I can get an additional truck on the road with another two guys doing work.

As far as marketing I was planning on anyone signs and implementing a referral program as well as offering employees a higher pay rate on jobs that they solicit themselves.

My budget to start is around $3-4k

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Do you have current customers? If you don’t then hiring helpers and buying two vehicles may not be something to factor in as start off expenses.

If you only have $3-4k as a starting budget I would recommend a decent van (Chevy express/ford e250/transit) and quality traditional tools.

I guess vehicle may vary depending on your service area/location and whether or not you are using this as a personal vehicle and a work vehicle as well.

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central, Mass
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That seems to be what I expected. I assumed I would be solo for a bit with my 4runner and traditional tools.

2 ladders, one with a 20 ft extension. I wasn’t planning on other helpers until I get consistent business.

Do you have any recommendations on tools? I saw 5 different brands with swivels, 0 degree angles, 12,18,24 inch squeegees, water poles, ro systems, etc. it seems over wheeling but I think I am “over thinking” it.

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Welcome! Here’s the epic thread on basic equipment.

From your post about hiring: definitely run out and buy the book “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. That is probably the most important book on my shelf and he’ll give you a good template for starting, hiring, growing, and eventually living the dream.

Oh, I wouldn’t go out and buy a bunch of ladders. Get a 17’ little giant, keep some cash in reserve, and if you need a longer one go buy one after finding out what you need.

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Get yourself some simple tools, I wouldn’t recommend using larger than a 14" squeegee on residential work (my personal preference is a 12" ‘main squeegee’)

I then keep 3 spare handles in my belt (2 ettore brass quick release, and 1 ettore backflip handle) and I have many different smaller sized channels for any panes I may come across. The brass channels and handles are durable and last a long time.

I also just purchased the Unger DI tank starter kit plus the 10’ extension, I spent less than $700 and now have a practical WFP set up for residential and smaller commercial work.

As far as store front goes I use so many different tools, each depending on what job I’m at. I have wagtails, wide body channels, couple different sized poles, when it comes to smaller squeegees I use the Unger ergotec with stainless steel channels, I use an 18", 16", and 14" stainless steel ettore channels on the backflip handles.

The wide body channels work great for pole work as do the wagtails, but what tool I use varies from job to job.

I’ll post some pics of my route equipment tomorrow for you in this thread

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central, Mass
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I think this thread will be helpful

I started with $40 ( 2 squeegees 6’‘, 12’', applicator , bucket and some towels) and purchased equipment as needed.

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There a lot of good threads to look at in this thread. Here’s another Link:

In regard’s to tools keep it simple at first, you would be amazed what you can do with the basic tools…take a look around this link there some real basic sets of tools that work well; Link: Squeegee, scrapers, buckets | Buy Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

Don’t go out and blow your stash on fancy tools to start…
…remember you need to advertize because without customers those fancy tools will not make you a dime!!

Good Luck out there!

18" smurf/ettore pro+ handle
16" stainless steel channel/backflip handle
12" unger s channel/ergotec handle
8" unger s channel/ergotec handle
22" vader/swivel ledger handle
22" vader/ninja handle
14" wagtail combi
18" wagtail flipper

22" ninja t bar/monsoon sleeve
18" ninja t bar/ninja sleeve
14" ergotec t bar/ ninja sleeve
6" t bar/white scrub sleeve

Ecover, dawn, gg4
(Just started using the Ecover/gg4 combo, before it was dawn/Ecover combo)

This is almost everything I use for route work, each job varies. Some I use the stainless steel 16" and some the 18" smurf, it just depends on the job for the hand tool.
In the mall I can get away with only bring my wagtails inside with my bucket and pole.

Mike Radzik

Pro Window Cleaning

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What does the Ecover, and the gg4 do?

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It’s soap.

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I would search this forum inside and out. Everything is compiled from pricing to hand tools to water fed pole technology. Not to mention EDDM, flyers, postcards, business cards, thank you cards, how to videos, tool review videos and many many jokes just to keep things interesting :slight_smile:


Jeremiah, Advantage Window Cleaning
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So, I it a dr office in a corporate park. Only 1 story. It has 8 windows and 2 sets of large doors. All windows are French pane including doors. I have no clue how to even price it. Any help??

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How big are the frenchies and how many? I usually charge anywhere from .40per to $1 depending on size. But i go based on how long experience tells me.

You’ll probably under bid it but you’ll get experience.

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I am going to take a pic later and send it

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