Starter Kit?

Hey I have been doing research on what equipment I need to buy to start out. I don’t want to buy cheap-o crap I have to replace, I want quality material. Are there good starter kits out there or should I just put one together myself? If so, what do I need? Thanks for your feedback!

In window cleaning you are only as goo as your equipment. If you but a starter kit, that is fine, however make sure the squeegees are brass and the wands have good microfiber covers.

[SIZE=5]We have 5 starter kits available…[/SIZE]


We can also put you together a nice set of custom tools to get you started. If you need specific help selecting, ask away.

Or you can always give us a call and we will walk you through your purchase decision.

Use what they use at ALL COUNTY, Chris and Alex’s window cleaning business. Chris and Alex don’t like to load their guys up with a lot of extra stuff that isn’t totally necessary. You can add on all the extras once the cash starts to flow. They have a nice little starter kit video on YouTube.
Here’s Alex What's In A Residential Window Cleaner's Tool Box - YouTube with the starter kit!

What’s wrong with stainless steel or aluminum channels?

Brass is much better because it is heavier than aluminum and you build up more muscles, kind of like lifting weights all day. :smiley:

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]No, really, when I started using stecconee featherweight squeegees the difference was so noticeable I just tossed all my brass channels and handles in the trash.[/FONT][/COLOR] :cool:

I would advise using a Monsoon cover because I do not like the way microfibers hold water. They also have terrible scrubbing power.

I would recommend 2 types of scrubber sleeves. A Pulex microfiber and their Micro Tiger. The latter has the scrubbing power you need for really dirty windows and the first holds a ton of water w/out the dripping mess of others.

Your going to have a bunch of differant opinons. I started with a kit and quickly moved to buy more equipment once I started rolling. About 1 month into starting my business. I knew it was only a matter of time where I would need to do it so I did. Most of the equipment is designed to last. The scrubbers well, depending on how many homes you clean you can end up needing a new one in 2 months or 2 years. The channels just need to be protected from being bent. IE don’t toss the tools in a bag with a hammer or something that can bend the channel. Other then that, you’ll end up with many differant tools and use only the ones you like. Just stick with the big companies and you can’t go wrong. But I will say my fav blade is not from the big two.

But for the price of this one, you can get a swivel from the majors at a cheaper price. But I don’t use swivels much. I use other methods like my Mr Long Arm.

I hate the locks though. Mines and older version, but still priceless.

steccone feather weights. 10, 14, 18,
Pulex MicroTiger or Unger Moonsoon
Pulex BOAB
A good Scraper
An ettore pole