Starting a new business

I am thinking of getting back into window cleaning after leaving the business over 5 years ago,I left wc to get into sealing driveways and as it has been a decent business there have been to many negatives,when I left wc I was making about 35k per year which wasnt cuting it,I am now thinking of wc or power washing,I love the simplicity of wc and now no the mistakes I made in the past and think I have a good idea on how to build a better business,I am being told that there are many more oppertunities in power washing,how many of you do both or have tried pw,what is your opinon regarding pw

When you say you made 35k, do you mean you made 35k profit or 35k gross?

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35K after labor,would then spend about another 5k out of that per year on advertising which was a big headache all my business came from passing out flyers at night so it seemed like I was allways working.

How many years did you do it for?

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about 3 years,only residential and priced at the lower end couldnt seem to close to many jobs at what I thought were higher priced $8-10 per prices were $6 per window.

If you are still staring “again” with your business, do some research (canvass on the market price) and make sure that your price is fair. Don’t compete with others, make sure that when you quote your services its would reasonable and with quality. That would be a good start.