Starting a website

I was just wondering what is the average cost to start a website?

I’m thinking of starting one and was quoted 300 for 1yr with the following:
domain name
site hosting
html email template
90 days site maintenance
500 business cards

Is this a good deal?

you have to find out a few things…
-does that cover the cost of the website itself?
-how many pages do you get?
-are YOU able to change/access info on the site

-domain names are relatively cheap…$9.95 a year maybe less
-hosting can be $5 a month

just make sure you check around…look on craigslist etc.

Being your new I would not bother with that yet. I would go as free as I could. Your ISP should provide you with free webspace. You will need to buy the domain name, but after that it’s a matter of getting the site up. Either you build it or have someone do it. You can find good web designers on craigslist for pennies. But with that said, the price is not bad. What I don’t like is the word “Template” mostly some crapola type of site that others have also. That’s why it’s a template. How many pages does the template have? 1, 2, 3? I have not seen most go past 3 pages without charging more. 90 site maintenance? What’s that? Does that mean for 90 days they will change whatever you want on the site free of charge? Business cards, well those you can get anyplace I would not think of it as a deal breaker. Also a good thing to ask.
Who owns the domain name after it’s purchased? You or the company who is purchasing it for you? I have heard nightmares where people thought they owned a DN and did not. HTML Email template? Most of the time not even effective anymore. Most email programs bock out the images anyway, and if the text is not set up write the mail looks like crapola and hits the trash. Besides email templates are only good for a few things when you have customers. If you are starting out, it’s overkill. More important things to deal with other then a email template. Ask about email address’s and how many you get. It’s nice to have at least 5. Why? You can split off sections of your company if needed. IE one email for estimate questions, one email for general contact etc.

doamin name is about $10 a year.
Hosting is $8-$10 a month.
and a Website can cost anywhere from $75-$1,000

Get business cards somewhere else… All to often you’ll be stuck with what they give you instead of what you REALLY want…

I made my website and pay nothing for hosting…good to know friends that own servers.

go to
for info about ranking and finding a web designer.

BOTH of my sites were under 200 bucks for the year.

I’ve used MSN Office Live for the past two years.

It initially cost me a dollar for my choice of domaine name. It looks like now there is a yearly fee of $14.00 for the site and then what it doesn’t tell you is that the domaine name will cost, through them, about $30 a year to renew. You do get a pretty decent web site that you disign for about $45 per year. I’d review the fees really thoroughly before taking the plunge.

I’ve gotten a decent amount of business through it, although I could not live off the business I’ve gotten from it. It never hurts to have some sort of web prescence, no matter how new you are.