Starting in the business Need Guidence

So im starting window cleaning business need detailed help to training, and detailed tools and equipment? No negative please

Welcome to the forum.
browse the threads here in the newbie section it should help a lot. Then when you have some more specific questions fire away! :wink:


Two excellent threads pinned at the top of the Newbie Corner that cover basic equipment / workbelt setup. Check them out for sure.

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Welcome to the forum and good luck!

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First of all, before you start doing any work your going to need to know how to tackle the work load for finances, sales and order management.

I run my business with an iPad, I’m fully mobile and when I get out of the truck at the end of the day I’m done with no office work. So buy an iPad for mobility and get some good software.

I use Lion Share, go to, it takes care of everything.

I recommend you pickup a waterfed poll system, it actually costs money not to, especially if your doing buildings. I use Reachit - nothing but an awesome tool and quality craft.

Some On Site Tools

  • Scrapper
  • Track brush
  • New cloths
  • Drill
  • Sqeegee

Pocket Spares

  • Rubbers
  • Scrapper Blades
  • Drill parts
  • Rubber gloves (for chem)
  • Warm gloves
  • Brushes
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Looks pretty good. Whats the cost? Also is it just ipad or is there an android option?

It’s for iPad. What I love about this is the cost, while others are $20-$30 a month Lion Share cost a one time shot of $99 and already includes everything.

Thanks for the information.
Bummer that it is only for iPad.

One thing I have learned in my experience of owning a business for over 12 years is software has a enormous impact on the overall picture for personal and business sides of life.

Lion share has help me create a better business. Would never trade it in.

Good luck to you.

I agree! :slightly_smiling:

Good luck to you also!

never heard of lionshare before, looks cool but no scheduling i guess? you use google cal then or?

There is scheduling. “Timefinder” is where you can look, through your jobs for each day like a calendar.

Also, if you have a job that needs 3 hours, you can ask Timefinder to find the next available date with 3 hours. I like that, I never have a customer on hold so I can search for a date.

Timefinder shows how much time is avaible for each day and gives suggestions. Also it will let you know when the day is booked in full.

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Doesn’t dave Carroll own lion share ?

Thanks for all the great advice guys appreciate it!!

I don’t know what kind of budget you’ve got to start with, but I use Google calendar. I like it because I can see my day, week, month or year for that matter. If you key the job address into the event it will tell you when you need to leave to arrive on time too. As a one man show its perfect for me and so is the price.

On the getting started thread there is a list of things, does anyone have a good play by play list for the first shipment of supplies? Or is just buy equipment and feel out what works for me?

mainly just t-bars, complete squeegees vs handles, channels, rubber, poles?

If you want to get started with a light set up, you could go with an Unger ergo tec and get a few quick release channels. Maybe 16", 14", 10", 6", if you have no prior experience. For commercial, 18" is great. Get a t bar, a pack of sleeves, towels, a bucket (ideally with a lid), replacement rubber (a lot of guys will buy a pack of 36" rubber and cut it to size as needed for your squeegees), a belt, a bucket on a belt (BOAB). A short pole is good, as is a step ladder. I don’t know if you’re going for commercial or residential, but it’s good to have a drop cloth or two for residential, shoe covers, and track cleaners.

GET INSURANCE, check with your city and state for any registration requirements.

You should be able to get all that basic equipment you need for ~$300. That is enough stuff to get you started.

As far as brands go, you really can’t go wrong with any of the brands WCR carries. You’ll probably develop preferences over time.

And on and on…

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@TJGibson8 thanks appreciate that I will be doing both residential and commercial. We have liability with our other company just gonna add few things should be good.Just trying to get the window supplies lined out and ordered.