Starting my own company

Hey guys,
I’m new on here and am hoping to get some advice. I’m about to start my own company doing window cleaning, pressure washing gutter cleaning and gutter cover install. I’m in the Charlotte NC area. I’ve been doing this for 2 years and have experience doing estimates for the company I work for. I appreciate any and all advice. Thanks!

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My advice is to read these forums until your eyes hurt. It is filled with unlimited knowledge and has been around for quite a while so there is a lot to read and a lot of opinions.


Thanks! I will continue to read up on as much as I can on here.

So you only estimated for that company with no hands on technical experience ?

And…you are not bound to a contractual non-compete agreement with that company ?


No, I do the work as well. Just wanted to add that I do estimates for them so I’m familiar with pricing for my area, etc. I’m a crew leader at the company I’m at now. Also, they have another location in IN. So, whenever both of them are up there I am the acting manager and take on more responsibilities. No, I do not have a contract with them.

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This forum is still a great place to crawl in your spare time even with years of experience. I learn something new on this website all the time.


I highly recommend watching Jersey Josh in his youtube videos wcr nation. Or listen to the podcast. The forums here are great. But I take away much more information directly related to the operations of a business easier by watching/listening to that channel. I am not paid to say this and I am not a hired member lol for real though the show is awesome.

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Welcome and goodluck!

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

My advice is to save money for the slow times. Anticipate peaks and valleys and be ready for the valleys.


I’m in NC as well. Who do you work for?

Right now I work for a smaller company called ARC. Well now JET. They just changed the name. What area do you work in?

Asheville, just two hours from you

Yeah, I go to pisgah every once in a while. Beautiful there