Starting Out

I’m back to cleaning windows again right now just residentially. But I would like to become more legit . What is the best way to go about getting Bonded and Insured and how much would you start out like me or if you were a big timer?? Thanks

Call a couple local insurance agencies and discuss your needs – for example $300K general liability and $10K employee dishonesty.

Don’t forget local and state requirements for business permits and business name registration.

Remember the tax man!

Thanks. Do most have employee dishonesty? Do you run into that a lot?? General liability isn’t as high as I thought at what point do you run into the millions for liability? Is that for commercial or like high rise businesses

I only have the dishonesty bond to satisfy some property management and commercial requirements. Heck; I don’t even have any employees!

Many property management and commercial accounts require $1M+, but insurance is really to cover what YOU might lose if you need to cover the losses of damage you cause (this is the same for your own personal auto requirement, right?)

Got ya, good to be safe

I’m being told by every agent I call 1m/2m is the min they have. the lowest quote I got so far was $575 a year. and that was a Nationwide subsidary co. (usually the high priced guys from my experience with car insurance)
and my truck insurance is only $253 a year from progressive. that’s cheaper than they want for standard insurance lol.

253 a year is sweet. Is that a commercial auto policy. I’m 46 with a clean record and the cheapest I could find 1600.00 per year for comp and collision. 575 is a good price for 2 mil. Check into a company called Columbia. They are usually represented by independent agents. Columbia has a lot of little extra perks for the same money.

My janitorial service bond is like $90.00 per year and my 1 Million GL (including care,custody,control) is below $800.00. I use copies of these 2 policies along with workers comp certificate in with my quote package to residential customers. It shows that im legit and they have no liability worries when we are on their property doing work. I land way more jobs than the old timers writing a price on the back of a cheesy business card thats for sure.


When we jumped to 1 Mill I remember being surprised that the price didn’t go up so much.

whats the lowest coverage a person can get for strictly residential? i know its better to have at least 1 mill but just starting out whats the lowest i could get?

Larry, are you saying you dont insure your other “personalities”?

If you are the one doing the work, you can start out with some simple liability insurance that covers maybe $100.000

$550 to $600 is what I pay. Although that’s with employees. My insurance guy just said the other day - 1 Mill Liability runs around $300 a year for the one man show…

A year ? This has to be just liability huh. Even then it’s only $21 a month, WOW!!