Starting up

I’ve been planning on starting this business for over a year, and feel that now the time is right. So here I am, and I’m going to soak all the knowledge I can out of you people :slight_smile: I’ve also been known to ask stupid questions from time to time. Fair warning lol.



After a lot of poking around on this forum, it looks like flyers are the way to go for me. I tried clicking on the WCRA tab for marketing tools, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I think it’s set up for iphones, and I use android.

Anyway, questions for those of you who have used flyers: do you print both sides? Do you use them more in tandem with cold calling? Or do you just leave them in people’s doors/screens?

Also, has anyone used Facebook successfully to generate business?

Thanks in advance.

I started out with one side. Make a deal and have an end date, like 30 days from delivery. Leave em on doors for residential. I never did cold call follow up on res because many people don’t like that. Some cities don’t even allow it.

Thanks! I hadn’t thought about local regulations prohibiting cold calling. I need to check that, although I get cold calls at my own home from security systems and that kind of thing.

I’ve been in busness since 2005, but in completely different field. I’ve always been able to generate business simply by word of mouth, so window ceaning is a different animal altogether.