Starting window cleaning in CA

Hi! I’m Erik. I came across this forum yesterday.
I am currently in residential and commercial cleaning business and employ about 8 people. I started with my fiancee who was cleaning while I was working on advertisement and leads. That was about 5 months ago when we both were working restaurant jobs and working on our business. We worked 18 hours per day, renting a room, eating for $10 day max. It was crazy.
Right now she no longer needs to work except when we have a big project with 5-6 people to supervise.
I am getting into window cleaning business and need some guidance as to what should I start with? I was thinking about Ettore starting kit for $170? Or should I buy Unger which will run about $2,500 for pole, filtration system etc I guess?

Don’t buy kits waste of money. Jordie can help you

Hi @Ericguest

I’d like to chat to know what you need exactly.
Trad tools?
Wfp system?

Call me direct if it’s more convenient
862 312 2633

Thanks @Streakanator

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Hi. I am not really sure. I am just researching as I am looking to increase revenue and cover more areas of cleaning business