Steal My Fall mailer

If you want… It hasnt gone to print yet so im still open to critique…

This mailer will ensure us a busy fall and cushy winter.

Very nice Chris. It’s simple and direct. I like the coupons, do they represent the same percentage off on all services?

Thanks Tony … there not really based off a % off.

I will also point out this is not a CFP design like all our other pieces we do. The ones CFP does are way better, we just put this together while he took a few weeks off from marketing.

I like it. You’re telling everyone what you do and how you do it in a easy way to read. It’s simple and nice.

I like it, especially the commitment to the quality of work done. And the checklist!

I think it sucks… but I am biased :slight_smile:

When are you going to learn how to build a successful business Chris… do I need to do it all for you?

lol… yeah right