Can anyone think of a good use for stickers with your logo/info on them? I was just curious if anyone has used stickers in some sort of marketing campaign. Anything creative/different/attention getting? The only thing I can think of is to slap them up at light posts like you see skateboard stickers always plastered on, or use like a business card or something. I was just at and they print stickers(not what I was looking for) so I thought I’d ask.

I have never used them. I would check local laws before putting them up in public places. Nothing like littering with your company name/logo and number all over it. I did have some printed up long time ago and put them over all of our equipment. Buckets, ladders, poles, what ever I could stick them to that was mine. It was nice when doing route work. just little extra ads for all the people walking into and out of shops.

I don’t think I would slap them up like that because people would look at it negatively and I would probably only get calls from people complaining. I do like the idea of putting them on equipment. I’ve seen stickers on tinted car windows before saying the shop where the car was tinted, I don’t think that would go to well w/ storefronts or really serve a purpose.

I love stickers!!

We have been pricing out WCR stickers over the past month, and we found some pretty nice cheap ones from vista print.

My favorite kind are the die cut ones, they look real sharp.

I would like a nice WCR die-cut sticker stuffed in the box when I order something. I would slap that puppy up like a nice piece of graffiti! haha. You could slap them up at the slopes on the lift posts, I always see stickers on those…good stuff. psprint has them from .52-.14 depending how many you buy.

What about having them mounted to magnets for your customers fridge. That is if they are into that sort of thing. No fridge decorations, then NO MAGNET FOR YOU !!!

Alberto :slight_smile:

All my commercial customers get a clear sticker on the front of their store with my name and phone number on it.

I want a WCR sticker! Or maybe several!:smiley:

Do you ask first? Do people seem hesitant to let you do that? Ever get any calls from one of those or is it just your way of telling other wc’ers that the store’s taken?

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The guy that did the lettering on my truck made me up about a thousand stickers with my logo and telephone number on them. I use them for my buckets as it helps to make them look more professional when sitting in a foyer of a home. I use them to help label my equipment that is used for night janitorial work like vacuums, rolling carts, floor machines, buffers, etc.

I also paste them on my clip boards and on my laddrers. They came cheap and come in handy. A professional look is very important.

I have used stickers for vacant commercial storefronts. Not very effective but did get some jobs from this. Also, have gotten a complaint from a landlord who requested that i come out and remove all of them. i did so and apologized. No harm done.

I never ask, just place the sticker in the vicinity of the others like Chamber Member and credit cards accepted. No one has ever complained. Not sure if I get any calls from them but I know other WC’rs see them. They are round and only about 3" in diameter. Clear with my company name in white.

interesting…where did you get them from and how much?
I was thinking about doing that. so no problems at all?

do you find that other WC’ing companies stay away from your stores that have that?

I got them from a local printer. They come on a big roll for around $15 for a couple hundred maybe ~ I really don’t remember.

I would not say that other companies stay away but there is definitely the intimidation factor. I have never had a customer complain. They look classy and don’t really stand out that much. I’ll bet some customers don’t even realize they are there.

I talked to a double glazing company about this a few years back. He said that I could leave stickers - it got me thinking about actual stickers or magnetics. In the end I didn’t bother. I thought that some of the other business windows were so long between cleans it would make me look bad. I think if they were regular cleans & the owner had no qualms with stickers then it may be worth it. Or maybe clean a window partially & leave your sticker in the middle may work, but could also bring other problems from owners taking offence.
I often thought that leaving magnetics on windows would be good so that potential clients could just take them. But I found out 2 things. A - the magnetics don’t work on most frames. B - They look terrible.

if you don’t mind could you take a pic of one?
this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while

It’s like when you get your oil changed and they put that clear sticker with the next time you need to come in and get it changed and it has their company name and number…that’s a smart idea on their part.

I hate scrapping stickers off of windows! But if I were scrapping a sticker put on by the previous window cleaner, that might be more pleasurable!

Personally I would not post up stickers anywhere and everywhere randomly. But I love the idea of sticking them on everything business related such as buckets, tools, clip boards, etc. Good idea!

Other than that, clients, customers, what do they care about your stickers? Why would they want a sticker?

Commercial Magnets, not on my refrigerator! But … those that I have received for services I do use, I put them on my office file cabinet, never having to look up their number.

Do you know your clients? Do they have children? Children love stickers! Clients love their children getting special attention and being acknowledge. Children love to color, which pages usually end up on the refrigerator to stay for a while. I will be creating a window coloring sheet, perhaps about window safety and attaching a sticker for the children of the house. Or … I also know many teachers, perhaps do a window safety lecture in class, with coloring sheets, stickers and brochures for the children to take home to their parents. A good thing to plan when things are slow.

It is a good thing to think out of the box!
Joie - N. CA

Ummm…that’s a flippin good idea!

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Here it is against a blue background

I think the idea of cleaning part of a window is a great. If I would do this though I would use post it notes that are printed with company info that way they could be easily removed by other shop owners in the area, this would probably work great on a vacant shop in a shopping center that people pass by frequently. Putting up more than one (brightly colored) note wouldn’t be a bad idea either, this would also get the attention of whoever moves into the space.