Sticky Note Flyers to Storefronts

Hello WC Community,

I’ve had an idea for my business to advertise to store fronts. I wake up pretty early in the mornings. My idea was to post sticky note flyers on storefront doors. So whoever opens the store they can see my flyer. I am posting on the forums to get some feedback…What do you think of this idea? Do you think sticky note would be an efficient way of marketing. Ill post a picture of my flyer.

EWC Flyer

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the guy i bought my business from did that ten years ago to get started worked for him.

also he used white rocks from home depot washed them and put them in a ziplock with a 4x6 postcard from gotprint. i actually used that one for another business of mine 8years ago and it worked very well. just have someone drive and chuck them in the driveway. our area its perfectly legal

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to give it a shot and see if I can get a good response from customers.

i would take the 1 price off and just have a

$______ outside

$______ inside and out

storefront vary so widely i think it would be better to do a custom price.


I think it is a GREAT idea. You can even get a repositionable spray adhesive from a craft store. Every time I leave business cards in the door of a number of storefronts I get returns.



@henry You just leave business cards in doors with the price on back while they are closed?

A landscaping company does that it my neighborhood. In my opinion its extremely rude and in poor taste to throw litter on peoples driveways.

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too each is own 99% awesome responses from clients most thought it extremely creative. we even had clients who just kept the cards in the back with rocks in the drawer.

these were nice neighborhoods too. many thousands of dollars in business. out of thousandth of flyers i can only recall two or three whiners

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