Stopping Pole Freeze Up

Anyone have any good solution for keeping their pole locking collars from freezing up in the sub zero temps?

Pain in the arse when you’ve just finished a job and you can’t get you pole to go back down (stay away from one this Phil ;)).

Is there anything you can apply to the insides of the locking collars? I’m running with the Unger 30ft 5 section.

I will be talking about this in a future W or N but for now - I make sure when setting the pole down I put the tip end on the ground so any solution drains away from the collar. Plus I keep a squeeze bottle of methanol on me and squirt some in the hole on the end of the handle. Should free things up for you.

To be specific, I referring to the lock collars for extending the pole to different heights, not the locking tip (if that’s what you were thinking)

Problem I’m having is I extend the pole, clean a storefront then try to loosen the collars to shorten the pole again so I can get it back in my truck and to the next job. But now the collars are frozen.

I can’t even remember what I did last year.

That’s what I thought. If you keep the tip end down it will reduce the amount of solution that can get into your collars. Putting methanol in the handle hole works well for internal locking mechanisms. For external collars I put some methanol (undiluted) where the collar meets the pole. This should melt the frozen solution.

Thanks Tony, I’m sleepy and not so alert right now. I just want my jammies and go to bed.

HEY! TOOL TALK TOMORROW! Stay tuned kids.

Mark, this is something i deal with all the time in the winter, and its cold enough here in winter that spraying methanol on it would just be way too expensive. so i just deal with it, and try to grip the pole as best i can and break the ice build up while i try and loosen. Generally im not doing pole work that is too high so even if i can’t loosen it i can generally fit it in the van where hte heat will loosen it again lol ahh isn’t winter fun? lol

I think I “just dealt with it” too last year.

I was thinking that there may be some kind of oil or something one could apply to the insides of the collars to prevent freeze up. Unger collars can be a pain sometimes under normal circumstances.

Okay then.

Go to a sporting shop, or gun shop, ask for graphite.
In the military we used graphite to apply to the sliding mechanisms in our rifles. I am going to go to one either today or on Sat, so I will check it out.

Even pre spraying the locking ring with Liquid Wrench might help it out. I am kinda hestant to do that without talking to Unger first though.

Maybe Chris or Alex can ask them. They probably have much better contacts there than we do either. Talk to the fellow at Canadian Supply, he might have an idea as well.

You could try white lithium grease. I use it on my ladder hinges and they never freeze up.

How? Do they turn completely off? Then greese or spray or just partway off?

I get the grease in a WD-40m style spray can. My ladder is a Little Giant knockoff so I use the grease on the pivot hinges.

I also have a Little Giant knockoff and have noticed lately that one hinge side takes extra effort to turn. I’ll give that solution a try. Thanks!

Just a thought - but has anyone tried candle wax - just rub the joints in a heated room?