Store front cleaning in the wee hours at nighttime


6:00AM is the earliest I start on store fronts, but I don’t have/want much of a route.

Hey kenny, what’s cost of the window painting??? More than window cleaning !!! Did you get paid double for removeal ??? Yep you lose again!!! Now who’s the idiot ??? Yes and yes it’s a lot of work to remove !!! But i work it both ways !!! There is a way to take the work out of this . It’s a mess thing but can be controled !! Stan, pro window kleening for 23 years p.s. I’ll be back next holiday !!! And window painter


I use WFP on most store fronts (as long as they are water tight which is not a given). I have a trailer unit with a 100m hose. I can often do several without moving my car. I even cros the street with my hose. I start my monthly run at about 4am and Im done with the outsides around 8am by which time I’ve made $400. The few insides that I do are mainy open early like butchers and fruit shop. I hand deliver all invoices later in the day.

The earliest I start is about 6:30AM or 7