Store Front windows with bars

I am new here so I hope this is the right place to ask. How do you handle storefront windows with bars? I have not seen this question asked. A lot of the storefronts near me have bars. A lot of the homes too.

If the bars a little bit off of the glass, you can usually finagle your tools on in there, sometimes pulling off a little bit of fanning, other times only being able to straight pull em. If they’re too close all you can do is clean what you can get too, and there’s always lots of buffing and wiping involved in any of the cases.

Be sure to add in an extra charge per pane that has bars, and tell the customer ahead of time that the chances that the windows with them turning out perfect are greatly reduced, but you’ll do what you can.

IF you have the ettore with the spring loaded clip. It works perfect for barred windows. You put the 18 in squeegee in place at the top of window pop the clip move the squeege and straight pull down. unless it has a horizontal bar in the middle. I’ve had to take channel off the handle and feed it hand to hand across the glass. that sucks but looks better than spraying.

If its something you cant get tools behind but can get your hand in there I would use a foaming spray glass cleaner.

Ooooh! That’s a great idea. thanks for the tip!


WFP is also good - swapping out for a paintbrush instead of your normal wfp brush.
Take a look at these videos.

I just did a pawn shop with bars last week.

Basically just took an 8 inch channel, put it behind the bars, and pulled down. Lots of detailing involved around the edges after, considering how the bars were hung.

Good Videos.