Storefront+ Backpacksprayer

I went to give an estimate for window cleaning on this furniture store…

It has an (extreme) over abundances of spiders and webs on the frames.

I was wondering if I used a 5 gal manual back pack sprayer and WFP could i dislodge the webs and the BIG *** Spiders from the frames, would a 5 gallon Back pack sprayer hooked to WFP have enough water and pressure to do the job in your opinion.

I don’t think it would be enough pressure to remove the webs, you would probually have to scrub also to dislodge. Power washer would do the trick , but im assuming you don’t have one is there a hose spigot close by if so just use a hose.

Yeah I do have a Honda pressure washer, But I was just thinking my back pack sprayer might work so I can just throw this account in to the route next week and not have to lug the pressure washer and 100ft of hoses (to get to the spigot) along for one stop if you know what I mean.

I know exactly what you mean.

Honestly, I think that once you get them wet they are harder to remove. I just put a car wash brush on the end of a pole and wipe it all off first.

agreed wws I usually use the old Webster on really bad webs, even when I wash a house ill knock the webs down first , just because they’re a pain when they’re wet. even with high pressure.

Josh Rouse
Carolina Clean
Derby, NY

Just did a boot barn with tons of cob webs. Dry dusted them all off first and then wfp’d them and they looked great.

In most case that what i do brush the frame to remove webs ect, but where talking extreme webs and BIG *** Spider.

I think the brush would fill up to quick to really make it time effective

AND MOST IMPORTANT… I really dont what those Spiders to get the Idea to hustle down the pole to get to me…LOL:cool:

lol shop vac

Josh Rouse
Carolina Clean
Derby, NY

But who’s cleaning out the Shop Vac…LOL

not me! I sucked up 2 huge European hornets in my shop vac then I plugged the hose with a nerf football! it’s still in the garage.

Josh Rouse
Carolina Clean
Derby, NY

OMG, all this talk about equip will give me a headache, never hear me going on about tools I can tell you that!:rolleyes::smiley:

Unlike what Perry says, webs don’t dissolve with pure water. That stuff is strong. Sometimes hitting with PW just breaks it up. All sorts of brooms and brushes or the gum drop shaped light dusters on a pole. Just knock the big stuff down and have another brush to clean the brush you were using. These strands can get all over. If pre cleaning a fed auto brush will pre-clean frame and collect the webs. Brush off the dirty webs and continue. Yeah, don’t gunk up the WF brush. Knock them with a broom and let it take one hit for the team.

I have a friend who just picks up the webs while he’s using his scrub washer. Back when he used Glass Gleam, he said that Glass Gleam dissolves the webs. Not sure if it’s only when he dips the scrub washer back into the bucket or if it’s actively working when he’s applying the scrub washer to the pane and the surrounding frame/walls/corners. I don’t know the concentration/ratio either. I’ve never used Glass Gleam myself or experimented with it in such a scenario, so I can’t provide my own input on it. If you have some Glass Gleam, you could always do a test with some webs that you’re comfortable poking at.

As far as spiders crawling down the pole: you could coat it with pyrethrin. I’ve used this Bonide product at my place and it’s fun to see how the neurotoxins get the crickets to act drunk. It’s [URL=“”]supposedly non-toxic for mammals i.e. humans, since it’s supposed to be a natural chemical from chrysanthemum flowers, although, safety measures never hurt (your eyes probably won’t like a bath in this stuff). [URL=“”]Suspend SC is a pyrethrin derivative, one that I’ve used. Works well too. Somebody told me it’s safe as in, “food grade”, where professional pest control companies use this in restaurants. That’s unverified, so don’t take his/my word for it.

Ideally, you’d spray the insecticide in the area that you’re going to be cleaning, give it a day or two, then return to clean, but that’s probably going to require a pest control license or permit of some sort. That’s why I was thinking that coating the pole may be a workaround, but again, due diligence and thorough research is going to be your best friend with this kind of stuff. More importantly, I’m not too sure about the speed & efficacy of the undiluted pesticide that won’t be sprayed on them - no idea how fast it would get them to fall off the pole or if it would just give them a mild headache while they charged down to attack your hands.

Alternatively, have an annoying nephew clean the webs and spiders for you for a few bucks. If he gets them down, great. If he gets bit while he’s doing it, even better.

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Looking at your picture and seeing that its only one side of the building and no trees/shrubs around the area, it seems that its more of like a onetime cleaning as far as clearing out the debris.

  1. I would use a brush on a pole, sometimes I even just use a broom to sweep the frames and glass to clear what I can, even if you say there is heavy webs and spiders just clear out the area and dust off the broom afterward.

  2. I would then follow up with a bucket of water and rags, wipe all frames and windows, you may need to use a step ladder to reach the high parts.

then you will be ready for the Tmop and squeegie.

  • I carry a light weight 25’ garden hose in my van at all times so if there was a spigot right next to those windows I would quickly and easily have the hose shooting down the windows.

Thanks a lot! Now I need to make a spray bottle up tonight to test the GG theory. Another list for my bucket.:wink:
Was that GG3?
I know I did a store front with webs in the corner. and they just stuck to my WFP. Guess it depends on the type spider/web.
If doing this place a lot. I use a coconut oil spray with vinegar and alcohol home made). Helps keep them away. Use it in a clinic where they hide under all chairs and have a party at night. Spray this stuff and they stay away for a while. The clinic wont pay for the Orkin guy so up to me to fight the beasts. Can’t use pesticide, allergy clinic.


Well guess Im just going to take and brush the frame then just hit the windows with wash wand and squeegee.

and deal with the spiders, hopefully I don’t end up with any “SPIDEY SENSE”

If you do get bit maybe you will be able to do all sorts of glass without ladders and long poles. Always a bright side.

No idea if it was GG3 or GG4.

Here’s another alternative that’s probably not in the realm of pesticides: cinnamon. Keeps ants away. No Ants = No Predatory Insects/Arachnids. It’s particularly useful for keeping scorpions away, since they primarily eat ants. Obviously, not something that spiders are particularly interested in, but it makes for a smaller bug population. Since cinnamon is easy to spot and messy to clean, you’ll probably want to use it as like a “perimeter defense” type of thing for outside (keep them out of the building and they won’t be in the building). Probably want to be discreet about it too, considering that you might be using it at an allergy clinic.

Here’s a clip demonstrating the “Cinnamon Effect”:


If they bite, just bite them back. Or develop a reputation for biting first and they’ll learn to leave you alone.

I use one of them cob web dusters then just pull it through a near by bush and it cleans it off