Storefront contract


I have been out hitting the streets for the past few days in search of storefront work…i am eager to secure contracts with some of the stores i have called to.

Would anyone be so kind as to post a contract sheet/sample for storefront use…

I don’t know what to give them as our contract.A contract which would cover me and them, a contract ensuring that i am guaranteed work for the agreed no of months/years with storefront.

I’d really appreciate it if someone could post one under this thread, or even PM me with one if they’d prefer.

Thanks, i just don’t know where to start, i wouldn’t be used to contracts as i don’t do much storefront, do residential mostly.


There’s probably some in the business downloads area.

You may have more success with calling them “Service Agreements” though. Contract is a little bit of a harsh word, at least for the small monthly storefront. I have many of these storefronts, and I don’t have a written contract, or service agreement. I just know the managers well and the loyalty’s there.

In the future though, I can see the benefits of a Service Agreement. It would leave no room for confusion, especially when a new manager arrives. That’s the only problem I’ve had without a “written agreement”

I think you would have a difficult time getting a contract, or service agreement, signed without a “30 day cancellation” clause. So really it doesn’t offer you a tremendous amount of security. Take time to make small talk every once in a while, that’s your best form of contract.

I have my peeps sign a service agreement. Contract, from what I’ve learned the hard way, sounds binding…meaning they can’t get out and are stuck. Verbal agreement is Ok, but when they sign something they are acknowledging it with more then a “Yeah” or “Sure”… Plus it’s great for record purposes too.

I used Chris’s service agreement and modified it. I’ve learned from past jobs, like working at a stupid gun factory, always get a signature from the main person…just do it, people can be stupid.

Thanks Micah,
I take on board your advice…i really like the whole service agreement idea and will implement that.

There doesn’t seem to be a suitable one in the downloads area specifically for storefront.
I have’t been having much luck in the last few days with the storefront calling so i really could do with a contract to try out on people and see if i do any better with professional documentation such as that…

Any how i’ts 11 pm over here, so i think i will head off and hit the hay.
If anyone does have a sample handy, i’d appreciate it if they could post or send me one which i could make a few copies of in the morning.

Sales are majorly down for me over here at the moment to be honest, so i am looking to secure some reliable work with storefronts that guarentees pay weekly/monthly.

Any how if anyone has a sample contract (or service agreement) for storefront that they can upload without too much hassle it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.

here ya goService Agreements.pdf (113 KB)

Thanks guys,

i must have been looking up contracts in the downloads section…

never thought of looking up service agreements…

i will give that one a try tommorow Chris.

i had more luck this morning…secured work in 4 stores so far today.