Storefront Price per pane, per side

I’m wondering what you all average per pane per side on retail storefronts. I’ve been doing them a couple months now, got distracted with other work in December and am ready to get back to beating the street for new customers.

I talked to another WC’r in a similar economic market in North Carolina who said he charges apprx 0.75 per pane, but I can’t remember if he meant per side or for the whole window.

My market is Central Indiana.

I’ve been estimating at 0.50 per PANE [U]PER SIDE[/U], regardless of the various sizes, and from customer feedback, I’m right on with my competition. But I’m only averaging about $20. per hour.

I may be a bit slow… I wipe edges of the glass and wipe the sill, and I use a small ladder when needed instead of a pole. I’ve tried “shimmy-ing” the edges with a detail squeegee so I don’t have to wipe, and while that works well, it takes about as much time as wiping.

  1. what’s your apprx price per pane (in US dollars), and
  2. do you wipe edges / ledges?

Many Thanks and Happy New Year

The price can really vary from $1 a pane to some guys that charge by the square footage of each pane, believe it or not.

$1.00-$2.00 per ground level and $2.00-$2.50 per pole or ladder pane is pretty common, but it depends on the local competition’s price. I’ve seen more squabbles over small commercial than anything else. It tends to attract more washers than any other area of the industry, maybe because these are the most-times-repeated customers in a given year.

My outsides are 2/3’s of the total in and out price, and the main door('s, and sometimes entryway) gets done inside every time, because the inside only sees service “as needed” at many of them.

Oh, yeah. Edges and ledges…

I do my standard commercial pane ledges with a small squeegee. It’s fast and efficient. And if your technique is good you’ll have very little edging to do.

Thanks for the input. At the risk of being pedantic, I assume you’re talking about $1.00 - $2.00 range for BOTH sides of a pane(?)… ie, 0.50 - 1.00 per side per pane.

[I]You used ‘oxymoron’, so I felt justified in using ‘pedantic’. The only two silver-dollar words I know. :)[/I]

That’s correct, but as I said it can really vary from market to market and company to company. The guidelines given are only in my experience (in 17 years and 3 states), and seem to be a common price range for those areas. If you can manage to find out what a few folks have been paying you can divide it down to the price per pane, in your specific area, to get a better idea of what the local market is used to.

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