Storefront windows and rain

How do you guys convince your storefront windows accounts thy light rain doesn’t ruin their windows?

You need to train them. Work your route regardless of the the weather like clockwork. If they ever say anything about rain your answer is: “The only windows that look bad after it rains are dirty windows.” I also explain that rain water is as close to distilled water that you can get, so if the window is clean it will dry clear.

If they insist that you stay home and not work when it rains, politely suggest that they may need to hire another window cleaning company that doesn’t work when the weather is not nice.



In all the years been doing storefronts and routes it is exceedingly rare for them to question when we are there Fair weather or foul.

So do you have people questioning this ?

Don the Window Cleaner explains it very well in this common sense video.


He is explaining the general theory of rain ( Rain vs Dirt ), which I agree with. Although he is referring to Residential Customers. As we all know, who have serviced both, Residential and Storefronts are different beast in the approach.

Both groups have customers who do not like it if you clean the windows before it rains. No arguing the point. They feel like they’re getting screwed. Crazy.

Agree Mike !

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Mom and pops are the ones that will complain, corporate owned locations don’t care for the most part.

We offer a rain check guarantee, “if you see anything on your windows in the next 48 hours, I’ll come back and touch them up for you”

We train two groups of people, our employees and our customers. Yes customers need training to. How to pay us and how window cleaning service delivery works.


Curious… How often has a mom an pop took you up on this ?
Yes I agree you have to train your customers. First thing ya do is act as if this is just the way it is. You go there , an clean the windows as if it’s just a regular day, then if they say something for me I just trivialize it.
“ You guys clean the windows in the rain “
Oh absolutely as long as it’s nit pouring out. We try to stay on schedule.
If they push , then I say it could be sunny today , An rain tomorrow . I’m still taking off 2 weeks worth of dirt. One rain storm won’t make your windows dirty.
In all my years thiugh the majority won’t say anything. Just act like it’s common place.
If it’s pouring out, then out sight out of mind !
I try to get to it another time , but if not that’s the way it goes.
An yes the mom An pops are more aware of when you come , An don’t come for the most part.


Dan is correct, it’s the dirt that spots not the water. Our forecast will be 50% chance of rain, I ask them if they had a 50% chance that no customers would walk in to their store, would they still open? Boom!

The customer always thinks they’re right.
Here’s another video for customers who think they’re right even when they’re dead wrong.

The rain will dry clean as long as the windows are clean :slight_smile:

Which is true, most of the time. Unless of course, you get a rogue storm with 50mph gusts-- your windows will be fine-- rain water is pure water…UNLESS of course, you are doing OCEANFRONT commercial work. I know some of you know what I’m talking about, get a front come through with 20-25mph Northeast wind-- in 12 hours you can write your name on the glass due to the salt spray.

But I won’t work if its POURING out. Light rain no problem, you are under an awning doing commercial not a home.

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