Storm Windows Disclaimer


I got a storm window job coming up and was wondering what disclaimers / expectations I should let the customer be aware of.

Taking on this job might not be one of my brightest ideas but I charged a lot (imo)

Some windows are painted shut, the windows are old and dirty, etc.

She said the house is 120 years old.

Any specific wording I should include? I’m gonna send her an estimate to sign.

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If something needs a disclaimer I don’t do it lol That would be post construction and storm windows.


Anything painted shut I would let her know your not cleaning. They have to be moving up and down for me to clean them. I would let her know not to expect miracles , they’re old Windows there will be stains that don’t come out. Let her know price does not include restoration


This is what I put on the estimate and the accompanying invoice.

I also note on the invoice in the notes section how many windows were not accessible/fully cleaned.

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We have a 30 second rule -

If we can’t get them open in 30 seconds, we will clean the accessible glass. They need to call a handyman to open / fix the window and we will gladly come back to do the “in betweens”.

I used to fight for hours with painted shut or wonky windows. Now, its not our problem.


I used to take those darn things apart, anything over an 8x8 and I refer them to another company with younger employees. Half the time they’re painted shut or the aluminum is so corroded you can’t put them back in.

The more recent ones aren’t bad, typically anything from 1980’s+ is workable.

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Jersey always says to set the expectation. Let them know this is a difficult job and you’ll clean what you can. Make sure they know that all the windows need to be functional and able to open. Most of the time people who have storm’s understand that you’re not restoring the window.
Also bring a stick to keep the windows open.

Directly from our work orders…

“Full service window cleaning for double hung with triple track storms or casement with interior lift out storms. Includes the inside glass, outside glass, both sides of 2 storm panels, and a basic wipe down of sills and screen frames. Does NOT include hard water stain removal. Deep screen cleaning is available at an additional cost. Deep sill cleaning is not included or available. We do not remove wooden storms or storms screwed in, whether interior or exterior. It is at the discretion of the technician to determine which windows are in good enough condition for service. Deep sill cleaning and track cleaning is not available. Windows that cannot be taken apart will be partially cleaned or skipped at the customers discretion (with any changes to scope reflected on final bill).”

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I’ve had a few storm window leads recently and they all say the same thing - wow that’s expensive.

When they say they have 25 or 35 triple track storms, do they expect me to say I’ll do it for $100?

I remember last year I told some lady it was gonna be $2200, all she said was that’s not bad & when can we schedule.

Maybe I can try to explain more of the PITA process involved with storms but doubt it’ll make a difference.

I found a local company that does storm windows, I sent them over a $2700 job and I am so happy knowing I don’t have to do storm windows ever again.

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Happened to me yesterday. Little house in Morristown that had 22 storms. Power washing and window cleaning ended up being over $2k. Didn’t think she was gonna go for it, but she booked it right up