Story time

Had an odd email this morning that got me thinking.

I know one here was accused of stealing a pet turtle.

Got any odd, funny, crazy stories to make us smile this morning?


I am reading and re- reading your second sentence. Trying to make sense of it.

Also, I clicked on the DaveYogi symbol to check out your Bio page and there is a picture of a guy in a New York Yankees hat " Flipping us off ". What the heck is that about ?

That is Nick, old forum member. Runs a great business in Mass.

Anything to not use a picture of myself.

I used the picture of Nick on my Christmas card.

What is hard about my second sentence? A company was accused of stealing a pet a turtle.


@Alex Just remembered Nick “had” to go by Matt Damon on here. :joy:


What was hard about the sentence is, (that) was not what it said.

" I know one here was accused of stealing a pet turtle " vs " A company was accused of stealing a turtle "

Its cryptic and out of context. " Here " was where ? This Forum ? " Here " was where you were writing your sentence ? " Here " was your e-mal inbox ?

" It depends on what the meaning of " is " is ".

I am cracking up…you use a picture of a guy giving the finger on your Christmas Cards ?

middle finger/card: sure did, also my dog standing next to a shit he proudly took. - guess you just have to know me.

As for the grammatical breakdown, a) never claimed to be a writer, b) I tuned out early in the lesson just like school hence we are here, c) at least I have the your/you’re matter under control