Strange coincidences

This last week, I left my 2’ step at a clients house, side yard. A prowler used it to hop their fence and subsequently get caught in the act of thieving., nice. I got my ladder back. Then, a regular client whom I had not heard from in a while, she’d call randomly for her w/c, gutters, p/w…fix this, fix that etc…I get to her house and she’s all laid up with a walker and wheel chair. She’s elderly so I didnt think TOO much of it…so as I am about to start she apologizes for not uncluttering the sills…then goes into how she broke her hip 8 months ago…she says, “I meant to call you earlier, but 8 months ago, I was in the kitchen and I had your card to go call you, and on the way to the phone I fell and broke my hip, so I spent 8 months in the hospital! I’ve had 4 surgeries because he first replacement got infected and ate the bone away, so I’ve been having problems, I need another surgery on my heart too, but I’m not well enough yet for that one.” I said…oh wow! Yup, strange coincidences… On a litghter note, I did get her too book before her next surgery!

Well, at least you weren’t implicated in the burglary. After all, your fingerprints were all over that ladder!

I think about this often. I have left fingerprints, skin and blood (DNA) in the screens and window frames of dozens of up-scale homes

The thought crossed my mind…