Streak at high place

Need help getting rid of streak at a high locates inside a resident home I use dawn and vinegar but I’m wondering if that the problem. Thinking about buying unger solutions at home depot it tip and trick.

Make sure there are no nicks in your squeegee rubber.
Make sure you are pulling at the correct angle.
Make sure you aren’t grabbing debris at the start of your pull.
Ladder up and inspect why if all else fails.


Skip the vinegar.

Streaking is caused by a few things:

  • Not enough/too much soap
  • Water evaporating
  • Too much overlap, half the rubber is on dry glass
  • Worn out rubber
  • Rough/sticky glass

Use glass gleam instead of Dawn. It is much more forgiving when it comes to streaking as it doesn’t leave as much residue behind to streak.

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Update… Went back to the customer home and look at the window wasn’t from window streaks his sprinkler was hitting the glass and left water stain what I pointed out to him already I clean it down was out of there thank you everyone for the help full information.


I tried vinegar once. It streaked way worse. It can also etch metal, so I would skip it.

It sounds silly, but getting back to the client and even performing a site visit goes miles for them! Around here, man people won’t get their calls returned. At least that’s what I hear when they start venting to me, they are pleased that we return calls and actually show up to make it right!


i searched for 3 years or more for really good method for high interior glass that did not involve ladders.
i tried unger pads fluffy, hard many combos, with multiple different techniques and cleaning solutions. fail.
i tried wagtail high flyer. fail. impossible to get good close out leaving large areas of water at bottom due to deep ledges.
now i use moerman exel 2, liq 2. fliq pad. angle adapter on pole. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!
the ex 2 angles in combo with the angle adapter on the pole mean you can get a perfect close out on very deep frames, the fliq means you can sqeegee without dropping pole so less evaporation and easy to rewet if you need.
this method is awesome but does require skill development, sooo the unger hard pads lightly dampened with purified water on a pad holder will remove any mistakes now the that the glass in basically clean.


I love our moerman Excel 2.0 for that same reason! However, what is this angle adapter that you speak of?

many people praise the ledger, many praise the unger 0 dgeree but this beats both of them by far. does everything both of them do and far far more.

the bottom pic is position for wiping ledge with cloth draped over it as per @Trad-Man. of course no need to detail. the angle adapter enhances the ex2 to at least power 10.

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I have never tried this kind of squeegee. I have a buddy cleaner around town I talk with and he swears by these.

Is this your go-to for interior high cleans? I usually use a ledger but that requires two poles (or a ettore backflip, which is very heavy at the top of the pole and you still have to detail after). At 20 feet or so, you don’t have much time to swap out the wand to the squeegee before it starts evaporating. On a sunny day with the sun beating in mid-afternoon? You are screwed unless you use little soap and/or straight water.

Thank you for the visuals. I love my Moerman with Fliq as we often have A frame homes with large windows above a hardwood floor. Not the ideal place to always be switching out the scrubber with a squeegee. I will have to give that adapter a shot.

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So I never knew the bottom part of the moerman can move like that had it over 7 months now :man_facepalming:

i do residential, all outs are done wfp all interior done with exel2 &liq 2/ i use a scrubber for hand held & fliq for pole use. i only use moerman precut soft rubber. i always use swivel mode.
no detailing on top or sides of glass only wipe bottom ledge.
the angle adapter shown is cobbled to fit my wfp with an ettore cone heat fitted.
gardiner makes one that works well and sells a cone.
@HE_MAN has videos about heat fitting and also one about threading an unger cone to fit a euro thread

i do a lot of homes with high interior windows. i never have to move furniture to place ladders, worry about slipping or scratching walls etc. i am far faster now-i can have 3 large high windows completed before a stack ladder guy has his ladder set up. my customers love it and i always charge extra for high inside. with a ledger you cannot get the down angle or vary the angle to compensate for where you are standing or do the ledge wipe. if you want to use the moerman as a straight pull sqeegee you can lock the swivel but why!

on hot days/large glass there can still be an issue with solution drying but i just flip and re-wet sectons. if i feel i might have mistakes i use the unger pad spritzed with pure water to go over only takes a few seconds.

on this church i added a solution feed so i did not have to drop pole for more


just to be clear:
in the photo:
yellow wfp euro thread tip
pink angle adapter eurothread both ends
black ettore cone heated and forced over eurothread

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Omg I like I’m working on getting a WFP should have the money by the end of this week been work so hard for it.