Streaks! When you do have streaks what is the culprit?

When you do have streaks what is the culprit most of the time? For us it is usually old rubber? The guys flip or get a new rubber anywhere from everyday or every other day to prevent it.

For you…what is it?
Wrong Soap
The idiot cleaning the window.


For us it’s worn rubber and/or operator error.

Don’t forget technique - this is probably number 1 (unless it’s covered by idiot wc).

Same here…but the rubber should last at least a week before having to flip it. Try having your guys putting the squeegee rubber up out of the sun when not using the tool. My guys always just toss the tool in the back of the truck and it messes up the rubber.

I dunno, some rubber has more longetivity than others. A soft rubber is all done with 25 epdm (ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber) a harder rubber is 50 epdm , the red wagtail rubber is 30 epdm as an example - so a nice long lasting all weather rubber!

Of course working in hotter climates, I use a higher epdm & therefore it stands to reason that my rubbers will last longer to a degree. I presume Elite works in a hotter climate than most - hence the reasoning he thinks rubbers should last a week?

The best rubbers to get are the ones that have been made by compression moulding as the rubber quality is better - these are the ones that are pre sized upto 14 inch. The longer lengths are done on either injection or extrusion. The wagtail rubber is by far the best quality out of any blade rubber thats on the market. Each company have their own mould for their brand and though they all look the same, there is a slight profile difference in each one. SYR, Unger, Pulex, Vileda, Ettorre all use the same rubber.

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