Stretching the value of marketing materials

Does anybody offer a “lesser” discount if their direct Postcard mailing may not be responded to in the targeted time frame hoped for?
Example (On postcard small print) After June 30th 2012 a “lesser” or smaller discount may apply. I’m targeting homes that are done for an average of $600 I am considering an offer of $499 to all homes in area. After June 30th 2012 add 50$

I’m asking this because I want my $$$ to still be worth something even if they hold on to it till Fall instead of spring. When fall comes around I plan on targeting another area. Going to send out 10,000 this spring. I want to consider every aspect of this mailing to maximize investment.
Is this a bad idea?
This will be my 1st direct mailing.
What are you including that makes your wildest dreams come true.

I want WCR to print them for me if they can help with shipping. :smiley:

You could always try it, but I think that would defeat the purpose of even having the expiration date. The whole purpose of the expiration date is to get them to pick up the phone and call now before the postcard gets tossed in the trash.

I do get people calling after the expiration date, and i am usually a push over and give it to them anyway (only because i dont want to hear the whine about it)

You should take those 10000 and split them up into batches of two or even four. Do multiple mailings to the same locations to maximize yours mailing. One touch isn’t going to be as effective as two touches or four touches.

Designing and producing eye-catching, effective marketing materials comes down to knowing and applying some basic principles of design.

Tyler has a good point, try breaking it up. Stephanie has the disign down pat and all the post cards are proven in the field

Sorry I realized I didn’t answer your question. When people call after the date I usually say “Yea, we stopped running that promotion but our new promotion is very similar.” Then I raise the price accordingly, usually 10 or 15 dollars. Most don’t bat an eye at it.

Do you think people throw them away after the expiration date?

No, I don’t think anyone throws them away due to the expiration date going bad.

I do. I keep postcards or mailers till the expiration and if I haven’t had a chance to use them I throw them away till the next ones arrive.

What are some images that would appeal to an average age 42, majority female population with the about $87,557 annual income and health conscious, educated community?

Me shirtless softwashing a home

Would you send me those so we can send it to press. :smiley: