Stuck tilt in windows

What to use to get the tilt in windows to slide up and down that are hard to move, also the latches are hard to move to unlock the window. Does graphite spray help? A customer has asked if I can get them to move as she is older and not able to open them. They have no paint on them just old with age.

Just remember, last to touch is the first to blame when something brakes


If they’re not moving they’ll probably break if you force them. Ladder up, or WFP.

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Yes, but…most of the tilt-ins I am familiar with have to be tilted in to get the screen out.
And then these idiot interior shutter installers come and make it impossible to tilt the window enough to get the screen out.

If they are just sticky then yes some dry silicone spray will help. However, often I see tilit-ins that have become disconnected from the tilt mechanism, which is PITA to fix, but doable as long as it has only come apart and is not broken.

We use silicone spray, but be sure it doesn’t have a strong smell, some people are really sensitive.

If they don’t function as engineered too, we do what we can do or pass on the window or windows all together. We’re not their handyman, we clean glass. We talk to the customer about all this prior to the job so they understand. Sometimes it better to walk away…


I’ve had a similar incident where I had to help out someone older remove a bolt in order for a sliding panel glass frame to move to clean it (double glazed windows) she insisted it be removed, in the end I said ok :confused:
Now there’s a broken bolt stuck in the door (caused by corrosion throughout the yrs)… great!!! :confounded:

In summary, we’re window cleaners…
Clean only windows that are accessible, or possibly face clients with ‘bitter taste in their mouthes’


I will always try with an oil lubricant, But if it doesn’t penetrate I will let them know this window there is nothing I can do. ~Jersey

I almost never tilt windows in. I treat them all as if they were regular double hung windows. It’s just faster not to dick around with funky windows. Remember you touch it you own it if it breaks.