Style & Technique?

Hey guys… a quick question… I see all these videos and people using fanning technique’s for cleaning commercial windows… is this even possible with most residential windows? Should I even bother with perfecting this technique? I am just starting to get the hang of it without having to do it 5 times in a row…haha… Please let me know what you think… Thanks

Yeah -100% keep it up.

It’ll add enormous versatility to your skillset, which in turn will allow you to speed through every future job as fast as possible, without sacrificing high quality.

If you stick to only basic methods, you hurt yourself in the long run.

Fanning residential windows? Thats the only way I do it. For me straight pulls on double hung windows just makes no sense. I have gotten some crap on youtube for not doing straight pulls but I feel its just better and more professional. I’m a window cleaner not some dude at a gas station. I know I can fan any casement or double hung quick with minimal detailing.

These are some videos that I made just to show some super basic techniques

Alex - anyone who would give you a hard time for doing fanning instead of straight pulls is simply crazy.

Straight pulls are beginner-level technique, and are rarely optimal for speed and quality.

Only fanning for me… only residential for me

While I Fan big double or hung windows like Alex in his videos, I always do straight pulls on smaller French Pane windows and use cut to fit channels. I’ve heard of plenty of guys that only fan (even french panes). I wouldn’t consider my method beginner-level technique.

How does fanning a window give you better quality than doing a straight pull?

I fan every window. I have a 4" channel that I use to clean french pains. I simply feel that I get better results.

Even though fanning is the preferred technique for many a good amount of windows are just simply faster utilizing straight pulls.

However as Jim Willingham says…fanning is sexy:D

It sure is

One thing worth mentioning is…with fanning there is less need for concern of the"critical edge" many haven’t grasped that concept! Easily noticed by the infamous line down the middle:D

Thanks guys… I will keep working on it then… any tips or video’s you think I should check out on fanning?

I’m afraid I’m sitting on the fence on this one. But I’m still learning.

I fan larger windows but smaller ones are almost always straight pulls. Both have their advantages I think.

Sometimes I’ve watched videos of guys fanning and I watch the blade go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth all the way down the window and I’m thinking, heck I could have finished that window in two easy pulls and be gone.

My preferred method most of the time is an upside down L pull using an 18" channel.

I am having a heck of a time with lines and streaks… losing time doing windows twice or more… is it just me? I see some guys clean their squeegee’s between each straight pull…other’s don’t at all…like I said before… I know I am new at this… but it’s like their is no right way to do it… only whatever works best for that person??

Keep practicing your fanning technique. Practice makes perfect. Trust me, you will get the hang of it and love it. You will come off as a real professional window cleaner. And before you know it, you will be doing it with your eyes closed. (literally)

Also, check out those youtube videos I linked earlier. Maybe they can help you.

Are you getting lines and streaks while only straight pulling or also from fanning?

straight pulling… I must be doing something wrong… it’s sooo simple that it’s driving me insane… pushing to hard? I don’t know… going out to clean windows again today… just for practice… see if I can get it right… have a big house on monday to do… have to work on my pole work as well…

Basic lines aren’t usually the case with fanning,but…if you cut corners too quick you’ll leave whats known as “fishtails” or fishtailing. Also…dull rubber will cause some problems as well as having to apply too much pressure.

Lines from straight pulling are a result of what i mentioned earlier not paying attention to your “critical edge” i was taught to wipe the blade after each pass when straight pulling…of course the old timer who showed me the ropes used a sponge although many just use a detail towel.

With fanning no one does it exactly alike,even though you may be taught by someone & showed a specific way…we all come into our “own style” some execute a more basic method where others exhibit more of a S style or snaking the glass.

Either way…practice does make perfect the more you do it the more you’ll come into your own style.

fanning actually can slow people down, until they master it. I can fan as fast as anybody can straight pull (not including using a pole or on Frenchies where I do not fan)

In fact, I think straight pulling is a little slow and messy.

I guess I would need to master it…

Here is one of my favorite window cleaning videos produced by Ettore. They don’t cover fanning but they’ve got some killer advice for straight pulls.Watch the whole video.

well it sounds like no matter what fanning is the way to go… and like anything else… practice and practice… it’s the only way I am going to learn… my girlfriend loves it… I have cleaned my windows on my house so many times now she can’t stand it if they even get a little dirty! haha… there are so many things that are never the same… pole work gives a different result than doing it by hand… and ledgers are different still. I try to do every window by hand and get up on the ladder. Some people would rather do pole work and never get up on ladder. I guess it comes down to the same principle as fanning… if your good at using pole work than use it.