Sun Room Pricing

When pricing a Sun Room (solarium, screen room, etc), do you price it the same way you price the rest of the windows of a residential home or do you price it differently due to the different conditions (increased dirt levels, neck strain when cleaning interior ceiling glass, etc) I haven’t cleaned a sun room before so I have no idea how it’s going to go. I have a WFP system that I plan to use for most of it. This sun room is about 15 years old and has never been cleaned. I am hoping I don’t have to climb on top to do any scraping, but that might be wishful thinking. Anybody do scraping with a pole or is the risk of damage too high?


You basically price it based on the amount of time it will take you. Every one is different and varies in toughness to clean.

We typically like to separate the price from the house so people know how expensive they can be, sometimes half the cost of the job or more.

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johnc is right, and do not use a razor sun rooms scratch very easy use bronze wool.the only other advice i can add is price it high because you will have to wash the inside frames or it will look like dodo, and the out side top will have a black grease like stuff on it . that is what the wool is for. don’t be scared just price it like johnc said and add some for just in case. good luck

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Thanks for the quick response guys! That being said, having never done a sun room before, I have no idea how long this should take me. Obviously with how long it’s been without a cleaning, I can assume this is a worst case scenario. However, is there a benchmark I should strive for with these things? Anybody have an average time they like to achieve when cleaning a sun room? Thanks!

I’ve used one of these on a pole with either a white pad or a wet microfiber, Works great. Eliminates climbing out over open glass.

can you get some pics?

I did I think 3 sunrooms this year. Ranging from 225-325. All similar sized.

If there is a lot of stuff in the way make sure there moving it. Nick knacks an what not

Sounds like I was in the ballpark, maybe a little higher. My plan was to break it down as follows:

Exterior- $6 each for the sliding doors and large panes -> 16 x $6 = $96
$4 each for the remaining panes -> 44 x $4 = $176

Interior - $2 each interior cleaning of all panes -> 60 x $2 = $120

Total - $392

There are also 5 large screens. I’d ask for $2 each, which would bring me to $402.

This particular structure is quite dirty as it has never been cleaned since it’s construction 15 years ago, so it’s probably going to be extra work. I am however not sure I can ask for much more than $400 for this. I will definitely require that interior decorations and furniture be moved prior to cleaning. You never know how much some trinket is worth…until you break it, lol.

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hey steve gm,i think you are right on at $400 that roof could be a bitch,get that pad holder trenchfeet posted with a white pad and that will save a lot of time. if there is a lot of buildup on that roof hose it off after scrubbing and than clean it.