Super Channel Mod

I’ve been using Sorbo Quicksilver channels for 13 yrs. I am trying to switch to the Super Channel, mainly because Sorbo is not available here and I love this place!
The main difference I see is the Sorbo has chamfered ends and Ettore does not.
Has anyone tried adding these chamfers to the Super Channel? or is there a reason it is better without them?
The thing I notice is the Super Channel bangs on the window frame without them and it’s kinda annoying since I’m not used to that.

]hello, the sorbo has 4 adjustments !! Where do you run it? You can control the feel of it !! Do you sharpen your blades ?? I have 4 inchers to 4 feet !! Theres a lot of things in sorbo that people just don’t understand. Stan , pro window kleening 23 years

I tried having the rubber cut down once and didn’t like the results.
It could have been the operater or the machine, but I never tried it again.

The clip system is different in the Ettore than the Sorbo. You can file the edge of the Ettore a little and that should help. I’ve used both and the Ettore just takes a little getting used to if you’ve been using the Sorbo. My wife uses the Featherweights and I enjoy only having to buy one kind of rubber.

Is this the same channel we were talking about earlier with the 18" had the extra edge?

this may sound obvious…get more control and don’t “WACK!!!” the sides

This is not the 18", I made sure not to get that one after seeing the posts about it. I mainly use a 22".

I believe the chamfer allows you to get up into the corners easier without the channel touching the frame. Maybe I do just need to slow down and get used to it. Just wanted to check if any had made this modification before I ruined a new channel.

Or…get more control and WHACK Matt.