Super system?

I think that is what this tool is called? The Ettore version of the tools?

I got one from Chris and I do like it. BUT, during turns I seem to leave some water. The middle of the channel. Not everytime but enough to peeve me.

I had also added some Glide…

I am so used to that is could be my angle…I replaced the blade…still does it.

I brought my hand closer to the glass and the issue seemed to end.

I have forgotten how to hold a squeegee :slight_smile:

For those of you who have used and non-…is there a difference in the position of the hande angle to the glass?

My experience with the super system handle is quite similar and you are correct in that you feel like you have to learn to squeegee all over again. Especially when poling. I’m used to pulling back and raising my pole handle when closing out at the bottom. But then I always leave water behind. better to keep the pole vertical and just pull down.

I’m also not a fan of how the super system handle feels in my hand, but that’s just a preference and not a performance issue. The contour pro handle is much nicer. (video coming soon :))

I have been waiting for the contour pro super channel handle for months now. Its on back order and they don’t know when they will be here:mad:

Phil, I bought an 18" Ettore Super channel several years ago and did not care for it. The main issue I had with it was that it did not allow the rubber to conform to variations on large plate glass (storefronts). The other problem with the Super Channel was that it did not close out well.

When I switched to a 18" these problems were eliminated completely. If you A-B the and Super Channel side by side you’ll see that the working edge of the rubber blade extends out farther (from the channel) on the than it does on the Super Channel.

Bottom line is that the rubber blade is more flexible in the channel since it extends out farther from the channel. The rubber blade is stiff and non-flexible in the Ettore Super channel which hinders closing out. This may also be the culprit of the problem when making turns.

But to answer your question, my experience is that channels require a higher angle (distance of handle base from the glass) than standard channels.

I threw my Ettore Super Channel in the trash a long time ago but if memory serves me correctly even the Super Channel required a lower angle from the glass than the. The Super Channel was not as forgiving when you raise the angle when doing turns on the glass. That may be your problem with it too.

Some folks like the Super Channel but the stiffness of the rubber blade (and problems caused by it) makes it useless to me.

As you all probably know, Ettore is working on redesigning the Contour Pro + to elliminate breakage that they are infamous for. The first version of the new handle is finished (1011 Contour Pro Handle) with a “the spring problem” fixed. The original put too much tension on the plastic I was told. The next version to come out will be with new plastic material.

I’m not sure how this affects you all but this is the information I have and am currently awaiting my new Contour Pro. Ive been without a Contour Pro for 2 months now and am suffering from withdraws.

I put the channel inside my handle. Crap.

How disturbing. anyone here like this POS?

In my humble opinion, regarding the Ettore Super Channel, POS is more accurate than Super. :slight_smile:

I got the new one today from Ettore, and LOVED it!!!
it did feel weird, but once I got over the thinner handle and the 0degree swivel, which made things supa smooth, it was awesome. they sent me the regular channel one so I had to modify it to fit my Wide Channels.

It is made of much harder plastic at the pivoting point. The zero degree knob doesn’t lock-in when you close out, you have to manually lock it in place.

Over all I’m switching from handles to the *new ettore contour for sure.

Clear up for me what the contor has to do with the super system leaving water on the window.

nada, just thought we were on the topic of ettore handles and there performance. GOSh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of you were. But[SIZE=“5”] I[/SIZE] was not. Hence…the latest post.


hey man, you want to start a fight, lets go!
as long as you don’t pull your [I]scrim[/I] out…

No fight bro. But I would like to start a chat about the super system…

Hey! Look at that. I already did. :slight_smile:


Although you quoted posts…the posts you quoted were off topic. How a handle ‘feels’ was not the topic.

The topic IS about the system leaving water on the glass.

Do you have input regarding that?

I think we’re all getting a bit confused. I’ll try to sort this out.

The title of your post referred to the “Ettore Super System”. I know this term in referrence to their squeegee handles.

And since I thought you were talking handles, I mentioned I like the Contour Pro+ better.

Now I’m thinking you actually are referring to the “Super Channels”.

If I’m am the cause of this thread derailment, I am sincerely sorry. :o

No apologies needed. I am the king of hijacking.

I re-read the post and you are correct on all accounts.

My real question is why am I leaving water on the glass.

That has been answered. So…chat away about the handles.

The ‘system’ wears me out.

I just switched to the Super Channels and I found it necessary to change the angle while squeegeeing. Keep the handle closer to the glass and your problem should go away. The super fits just right in the Contour handle and I have no problems closing out a windpw while poling. I may be done w/ altogether!

What about when the bottom ledge doesn’t allow you to keep the ideal angle and you have to pull away for the last couple of inches? This is where I find I leave water even with regular ettore brass channels.

Unless it’s a deep channel (I use my ledger then) I just keep firm pressure when finishing and have had no problem. I had a few issues at first but found I was letting up on the pressure before I had closed out the window. I also slow down a bit the last 3-4 inches that helped also.