Super system

I saw Matt today. He turned me onto the Super System Channel.

Many may recall I asked about this tool in a recent thread. I had my new 18" and Matt had his old one. They are NOT the same. Same name, different design.

Can someone clarify why they are so different? The difference is the exact reason my new one SUX!

If you want one…either find the old ones or skip them. They SUCK!

The one I had was purchased new in 2005. It sucked really badly too. How old is Matt’s?

Are you sure it wasnt the alumax channel Matt had?

never mind…


So whats the outcome? Alumax preferable over Ettore Super System? I’d like to know your preference as I have Alumax. Mark, I got a show for ya :smiley:

I have old Ettore Super Channels, they are not as raised
I think I’ll be trying the Alumax

I had simply assumed YOUR channels were the alumax. Matt, is this not correct?

no, i don’t use Alumax yet. i have the orignal ettore super channels

Check this out guys:

How could a company such as Ettore – who touts their quality control – not know the production history of their extruded configurations?!?

Mr. Steccone must be rolling in his grave.

I got an 18" and 36" super channel from Chris and Alex and neither has the extra metal at the front. They look like the older style. One suggestion would be to grind the front of the channel down to remove that excess.

Another suggestion is watch me as I toss this POS into the trash.

Chris and alex, I hold nothing against you guys here okay?

The tool should NOT be sold. It sux!

I hope Ettore reads this. I now have 2 tools that are either broken (contor) or useless (18 " sorbo wanna be POS)

But the scrim rox. :slight_smile:

No offense take Phil. I will forward your complaint to the appropriate party… Well actually I dont really need to, they read everything here. But I will.

good vid, that really shows it. it’s weird how it’s like that…I’m glad I like to take 36" and cut’em up to the sizes I like.
window supply sells all the sizes with that extra metal:mad:
So I hope ya keep selling these kind Chris.