I have a quick question for you guys. What companies do you clean windows for that Superclean contracts out to you? In my area I clean Abercrombie & Fitch and Fossil and I am trying to get them some bids for their other locations and they tell me that if I want to give them bids I can but I have to come to them on my own. Essentially they won’t tell me who the contract window cleaning for so I am turning to you guys for help. Thanks in advance!

Guess no one cleans for Superclean? :confused:

I have but but didn’t really understand your post or question. It was a little confusing

Superclean is not in my area as far as I know. I’ve never heard of them and do not sub for them.

Never heard of them

Sorry if it was confusing. All I wanna know is what stores did you clean for them? Who are some of their clients that they sub out window cleaning for?

Einstein bagels

Verizon Wireless are the only ones I do for them here, but I know they have some accounts also with the Gap and Old Navy. There are two other retail outlets they have but I can’t remember which.

Call SuperClean and ask for Gloria - if she can help by location, she will.

Thanks for the help guys!