Superhero window cleaners

This last week was one of the best weeks in my 12+ years in my window cleaning career. We decided to dress up as superheros and clean the pediatric wing of one of the hospitals we clean. It was so cool to see smiles and laughter in a place that often has lots of tears and pain. The kids, staff and other guests of the hospital loved it and the community response has been amazing. We were featured on the news, made the front page of the newspaper business section and received tons of emails and comments on facebook. I know a few other companies have done this (namely on the children’s hospitals across some parts of the country) – it was so fun to be part of it. Great experience all the way around, and best of all, all of the kids we saw only had minor/non-life threatening injuries and illnesses. Our slogan/tag line has always been “brighten up your day” – and never have I felt like we did so as much as this last week. If you ever have a chance to do something like this, I highly recommend it. To see more pics, news coverage and info, please like our Redirecting....
Has anyone else on here done this or something similar?

I have been seeing picks of this all over! My 3 year old constantly wants to see the picture of all of you hanging on the same side!! Super cool idea and I bet the kids loved it :smile:
Thanks for sharing this with us!

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That’s so cool.

Thanks to your team helped for cleaning hospitals. If any child can see Spiderman climbing the windows for cleaning he is defiantly happy. Yes I agree it was so fun but it makes smile on the face of children. Thanks for sharing pic.

What a cool idea! Great job guys.

Way Cool!

That is awesome.