Supposed to rain all next week-WWYD

I was getting ready to go and do some door to door sales right now, but just heard from the weather man (Starbrite Doug) that its gonna rain all week next week. Would you guys just not go out and try to fill the schedule today or go anyway and fill it for after the rains?

I am going anyway, and see what the responses are. Just curious what you guys would do, I will post up to tell ya what the responses were…
go make some money!

You could pass out some fliers… I always did that on rainy days.

I would go out and sell gutter cleaning!

Cool, gonna actually be doing both. Time to hit the pavement…sales are really low this month!

And work on the website!

Sessions with the board!

[B][/B]I try not to pay too much attention to the weather. If I stopped scheduling or working every time there was a chance of rain, I’d never get any houses done, especially in the Spring. We try to work through the rain, unless it is a downpour all day, or a safety risk to be on ladders. I also reassure every customer if they feel any windows got spotted because of the rain we will come back and touch them up for free. I’ve been called back maybe once in 10+ years.

I realize the peeps in Cali and other areas may be different. I’ve heard that some cancel if there is even a 5% chance of rain.

I do remember the days of old, when there was even a hint of rain, I would cancel the job to goof off. Those days are long gone, unfortunately.

Same here Seth … We work through most everything.

SEO, the path to riches my friend. What rainy days are made for .

I got 6 cancel for next week just 30 perc. chance few shower california totaly difrent

On the east coast you work in all weather. If not you would go out of business. This year we have already had 165 days of rain fall. You have to train your customers that you can clean windows in rain


The Earth hasn’t even been around the sun 165 times this year. How are you counting days?

I’m just messing. But seriously, I don’t get it.

Tennessee is in a different solar system. jk

I’m worried here in PA about getting some cancellations. Got 4 jobs scheduled today with a chance of rain. Like Seth, I’ll encourage my customer to keep the appt. and touch up any rain spots if any for free.

I do the same, with rain touch ups, they just dont want to do it. “Lets wait until it stops raining”. I had 2 bites door to door, but both mentioned the rain, and they wouldnt budge.

Kev, I will seriously pay you to do it! 619-634-9580


My problem (if I can call it that) is that I’m in Hawaii for the next 2 weeks.

We should talk, though!

Some problem:mad:
Call me when youre back in town brutha.

F**K the website Tory. My website is all re-done and my web presence will be better than it was before but in the end you NEED to get in front of people.

You do any direct mail yet? Time to do it man, I am completely booked through May just off of one mailing of 10,000. Another 15,000 hits next week! If you need help setting it up just let me know- Ill help you anyway I can.

this weather is killin me!!!

10,000 pieces mailed out?

What did that cost you?

$10,000 ???