We are going to change up our survey card for this 2009 season.

We have room for 5 questions to be asked or be rated Excellent / Good / Fair or Poor.

Any ideas on some possible questions?

How was the attitude and appearance of the staff?
How would you rate the value of the service provided?
How likely are you to reffer us to a friend or use our service again?
Just a few off the top of my head. How was vacation Chris?

yeah, I got a big one. Make sure it is a blind survey card that is nameless. Get the truth more often and you will know what is really going on beneath the surface. Survey cards are not tracking devices, they are company improvement devices.

You get 10 cards back that say your cleaner smelled and you know someone needs a bath. Who cares who thinks they stunk, just fix it.

I used to have an opinion sheet. But never with the poor/good scale. I wanted different answers. Some of the questions I had:

Who last cleaned your windows?
How long a go?
Did you know that you could get a discount on your service by recommending my service on a useable referral?
Would you recommend? Please give me 3 referrals right now?
Any complaints? - please tell me truthfully so I can provide a better service.
What impressed you most about the service?
If you have already used the service for a while, did you know that you could get it cheaper by having it done on a regular appointed basis?

and so on…

Karl my man can you post it up?

I was using it at least 6 years a go - I can honestly say I will have no chance of finding it - it was on my old computer, when that died, I lost it! :mad:

I got to learn the script though - some of it stuck in my head!

What do you wish we did differently?

What do you think we do great?

What are we terrible at?

What would you change immediately, if you were us?

Why do you like having your windows/eaves/home cleaned, professionally?

[SIZE=“1”]Incidentally, this last question is the most important one.[/SIZE]

I would leave blank spaces for all replies.

[B]Guess what! You’ve officially inspired me to make one now too![/B]

Thx Chris :slight_smile:

What would be the pros/cons to directing a customer to fill out a survey online, a hidden link on your website?

Something like

You’d have room for more questions, if you wanted.

The fact that Karlos “used to have” the opinion sheet is what intrigues me. Were the responses low?

An online survey would be great! I answer them all the time. I am trying to think of the last survey I mailed in… 1989 best of 1988 Hit Parader Magazine?

Man, I loves me some Motley Crue!

Mötley Crüe. :smiley:

Who doesn’t!??!!

Getting the clients to fill them in was the hardest part. I didn’t get much response from the referrals & most didn’t go with the offer. Its a hard market here - probably the worse on the planet! My friend over on the mainland put out 10,000 leaflets once - I don’t think he got one response. He then hired a door knocking team, I think he had one job from that.

At least you have La Seu Palma Cathedral!

You never get to see it - its always covered by scaffolding!
I’ll have to go inside one day :o

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I likes me the crue too!

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