Surveyed this today

This is a warehouse that will be ready for window cleaning soon,The building is 40,000 sf with window structures like you see here on all four corners
of the building,The glass is not in that bad of shape but each pane will
need some sort of a razor applied to it and the frames will need to be gone over,the pic of the frame you see here is the worst of it,If you can see it
The interior is in good shape as well tinted and very few stickers,that peal off easily,The upper top 2 rows are blacked out and have dust,They are also letting me use a lift the tallest glass is 24’ 240 panes of glass total
I bid 1700$ does this sound reasonable I am guessing myself 2 days
does anybody have any advice?

Thanks in advance

you are under what my price would be. It’s easy to have high CCU prices here though.

I would have factored in a cherry picker - nice easy day!

i think you price is reasonable… maybe lower than what we would charge… Looks like a nice easy job… get a fab waiver signed.

Nice job…if you can, look for a maintanance contract with them.
Nice money for 2 days…fairplay.