Swap Web Links, Rank Better

Who wants to swap web site links to help rank better in Google???

People approached me about it, but I was changing my website and it was under construction…But now I’m up and running again.

so who wants to swap???

Does that really help?
I heard that reciprocal links don’t really make a difference.

The list has already started.


and even before that

I think there was another one too but I couldn’t find it, maybe it was on another board.

You’re right it doesn’t help that much at all, but depending on where your service area is it may help you more than in another area.

IE: reciprocal links got me to page one for “North County window cleaning” in like a week.

On the other hand getting to page 1 for “San Diego window cleaning” Has been quite a chore.

That’s correct, it doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t help a lot either.
One way links are much more efficient, so you can setup some kind of rotation i.e 2 months you link to my site, and the next two I link to yours … sound simple but involves other things too.

I’m always ready to swap links. What’s your location and domain?

I’ll PM you

Here are 41 people looking to swap links


Thanks Chris! Looks like I have some work to do.