Switching from one webhost to another

I currently have my website with homestead. I built it myself. They call me non stop with offers to build me a website. I called them today and told them to stop calling me. They told me that they cannot guarantee the sales calls will stop but they will put it in the notes! They cannot host a wordpress website either.

Anyways, I am on page 1 of Google and I am pretty happy SEO wise. I did not know the first thing about building a website but I have to admit that homestead’s Sitebuilder was very easy to use.

I like the look of the wordpress website’s though and I am thinking about building one of the those and ultimately switching my webhost.

Can a guy who does not have a lot of knowledge build a site in wordpress? Is is a pain to switch webhost? Will it affect Google? Any advice is appreciated.

It is not hard to do a wordpress site. Especially if you use a template that, for the most part, is like you want it.

It gets techy when you want to cusomize the template.

As for google, a wordpress site is more SEO friendly.

Here is the Webhost I use… There is an easy to use installer that makes uploading wordpress very easy.


I also have some awesome templates if you’d like.

I would just build a new site and leave the one you have up… Why not have 2 sites, or 3 or 4… It wont hurt… But will certainly help.

I was just going to say that.

Is it? Can you explain why this would be?

You can adjust the settings to automatically configure your title tags in each page/post to mimic the pages/posts title/description. The blogging factor allows you to provide fresh content. The templates I use also allow photo galleries to be SEO friendly for targeting more specific keywords. Each photo is given its own page with title tags and full descriptions. So you could have a photo of project in a specific town that you can upload, desribe with targeted keywords and there you have a new page with keyword richness.
Also, any changes you need to make are easier. Placing a keyword rich link on EVERY page only requires a change in one spot versus EVERY page. Just way easier to do all the good things a SEO’d site needs. Not saying you can’t build a good SEO’d site traditionally, but Wordpress is way easier to do it.

How did you get to page 1 of google without wordpress. I also use the intuit website and i want to know how to SEO with it. Thanks

Thanks for your detailed explanation. I design my own sites and always get good placement on google but I’m sure for people who want an easier approach to good SEO, wordpress would be the way to go.

Of course wordpress on its own is not better for SEO, people would still have to know and impliment the SEO strategies, it just will be easier using wordpress.

[QUOTE=Beautiful View;110043
Of course wordpress on its own is not better for SEO, people would still have to know and impliment the SEO strategies, it just will be easier using wordpress.[/QUOTE]

I agree, I’m a firm believer that its not the tool you use, but how you use it.

Totally agree. Wordpress won’t do crap if a person titled each page with stuff like “home”, “about” etc. LOL For sure it makes it easier to have a onsite link structure. Myself think good SEO is more about inbound links more than anything else.