Swivel T Bars Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner #13


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I am really getting into these videos. You have a good way of explaining things Mark.

My opinion of Unger is changing fast.

Stellar as always, Mark. Thanks!

Oh yeah, the reason I have 4 t-bars is because I use different sleeves for inside and outside cleaning. I use 18" for commercial and 14" for resi. I hate having to change out a sleeve on a t-bar while out on the job. Also my t-bars are select fits for the brands of sleeves that I use.

Nice job Mark.

Excellent feedback Nuvudude!

I can only speak from experience and personal preference as well.

I too use different T-bars for different purposes. I use the Unger 14" swivel for most residential (inside and out). I use the 18 Ettore Swivel T-bar on my commercial routes.

People; please don’t hesitate to add your opinions when they differ from mine. It’s the only way we can be truly informed. :slight_smile:

I like swivel handles but hate how I must use a tool to tighten. I might give the unger a go.

I have the swivel t-bar which is much like the Ettore one, except it has the aluminum bar like the Unger. Since it doesn’t have the grooves to hold water, I drilled tiny holes in it so it would fill up in my bucket. Works great.

Clever lad! Never thought of that.

I have a 14" Unger and the 18" Ettore. I prefer the Ettore. The Unger tube fills w/ water and about a year ago the black end plug came out. The inside of that thing reaked from all that old water and mold. As far as the screw adjustment on the Ettore I would like to see them change it to a knob but I carry a Leatherman tool on my belt so adjusting it for me isn’t really a problem. As usual Mark you give an excellent unbiased review. I hope Unger and Ettore are watching your series w/ a great deal of interest as they can really learn how to improve their products.