Take my Lightning Round Marketing Quiz!

I’ve just finished putting together a fun little quiz, designed to help us window cleaning folk get a firmer grasp on some more of these core marketing concepts.

It’s got a 3 minute time limit, and 14 questions, so don’t dilly dally!



I just failed your quiz Kevin

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Score » 71 out of 100
Total Correct » 10 out of 14 correct
% Score » 71.43 %
Result » Close, I’ll give you that.

I didn’t think I did too bad considering I have no marketing experience or real mission with marketing at all. Thanks for that Kevin.

Sorry, Doug.

Congrats Karlos!

(I didn’t want to make it toooo hard…)

I wasn’t told there would be a quiz…


I missed one.

I missed 2…

That was pretty cool Kevin!

Congrats guys!

If you’d like a challenge, I can make an “Expert Marketing” one…

Bring it on…:stuck_out_tongue:

What’s marketing? No, I won’t share my score.


I did bad 8 out of 14. Guess it’s back to the books for me.:frowning:

[B]A misleading conclusion, perhaps, if judged only by my results:[/B]

How Strong Are Your Marketing Muscles?

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Score » 93 out of 100
Total Correct » 13 out of 14 correct
% Score » 92.86 %
Result » Expert !

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“This quiz has been taken 77 times. Average percentage score on this quiz is 59%”

[B]I missed number 3.[/B]

64 out of 100 for me…i only got to answer 12/14 as i ran out of time.

I found it to be quite short though…maybe if you gave us 4 mins rather than 3.
I mean the q’s were quite long to read.

Its a cool quiz kevin, good idea.

By the way, just wondering is there any reason why there is a time limit?

The 3 minute time limit was the hardest part!

Exact same results as Karlos - 71 out of 100 - ran out of time when trying to asnwer #13

Micah , uninstall that Norton :smiley:

I figured that the 3 minute time limit would help you determine your “gut-reaction” answers more intuitively…and provide a clearer picture of what you really currently believe.

Congrats Larry. Expert!

Yeah - that curiosity vs. guilt thing is close, but curiosity is the champ. Helpful to know when developing marketing materials…

13 out of 14. I feel good!!

I missed the one about “tell them you are great” Didn’t agree exactly with that until I read your explanation and thought about it for a while. Great info as always Kevin, Keep us rolling buddy!!


I was driving while doing the test.

I hit a taxi cab with a lighted sign. It read: Windowcleaningbusinescoach.com

I was also naked. Make the connection yourselves.

I also made it out of town in record time…under 3 minutes.

The sign read: 1 out of 1000. Not sure it was about my score.


Ready for the Expert Level Quiz ?

You are a brilliant writer trapped in a window cleaner’s life, Phil.

Kind words Kevin. Lets talk about brilliant/writers.

I got your book yesterday and have had a small amount of time to ‘check it out’ and am thrilled.

few books make it to my night stand. (Not true really…some are used for coasters). Yours already has the spine broken from me wrenching it open to read.

I am grateful you sent me the book and promise that in return, I will truly study and use the contents.