Taking on staff when you're a control freak

I figure I’m not the only control freak out there and that someone must have been in my place at some stage!

I run 2 small ‘businesses’ at the moment. The reality is that neither of them are really businesses as it’s just me, and small is all they will ever be unless I can take staff on to do some of the work. I have advertised for staff and have a few replies. I want to train some up to do some of the time-consuming jobs and also some of the jobs I am less than keen on. Trouble is, when I get to biting the bullet and hiring someone, I have these thought of “That job isn’t really as bad as I think” or “Getting someone to do that job will mean a drop in income for me” or “What if they mess it up?” I come up with a load of excuses and reasons not to go ahead and employ someone. Has anyone else been here? What have you done? How has it worked out?


I am there too. I do have a couple part timers tho but it was hard to let go of control. This year my wife answers the phones and makes appointments. She enjoys it and I have really come to appreciate the extra time to work. As for making less money, that’s kind if true at first but with some help you can do more jobs so the less money worry is not much of a worry at all. Just start small and see how you like it.

Its hard but I just let it go… Put together a good set of processes and procedures and do lots of follow up.

In the grand scheme of things no one cares like the owner, but youll eventually have them to the point of doing a better job then ou could if the training is right.

True that you might take a loss on income, but for me I gain something more precious… My time. Time with my family, my son and daughter, and with my wife. I can’t tell you how much of a load was lifted off my shoulders after I hired someone. For some it’s not for them, and for others like myself it is a blessing. I actually plan on hiring more, but just having this one has definitely changed my business for the better.

I’ve got five employees, it brings its own frustrations with it but is very rewarding as well.