Tales from the job. Strange but true

So today I’m doing a gutter cleaning & window cleaning job. There’s two level of gutters. Now it’s quite common to find foreign objects in the gutters like kids toys, roofing nails etc. But today was different.

I see shoved down into the gutters on the [U]upper[/U] level, what looks like a piece of paper. But since it’s taken on the shape/form of the gutter, I think it might be a hole patch or something. I reach in, pull it out and unfold this piece of paper which turns out to be an NFL office betting pool list with several teams checked off. Then I look at the date. In bold it says [B]Oct 5th 2008[/B]. Yesterdays date!:eek:

Strange but true. There are no windows at this level or higher, so how did it get there? If it was crumpled into a ball I could understand someone might have tossed it up there after yesterdays football games.

I’m not a betting man, but you might want to go back there next Saturday and see if there is another list with Sunday’s winners on it.

you might oughta pretend you never saw that.

we were doing a residential and it came time to do the bedroom. right on the bed, a BIG double ended $#$@%.

Did you clean it too ?
just kidding :cool:

BIG is subjective…

I asked the client if she or her husband was a football fan. She replied, “no, but my son is.” I then told her about the football pool. She was just as amazed as I was.