Talk about up selling

How much do you try to up sell your customers?

So today I had to get an oil change. I zip over to Mr.Lube and pull into the bay. After requesting the basic oil change package, the technician starts checking everything under the hood and keeps coming back over to me telling me what poor shape this filter is in and the PCV valve and how it looks like it’s been a while since my last oil change. Well he keeps telling me I should fix this and get a flush and on and on. I let him talk me into a couple of things and the whole time I see the bill going up and up. Next he starts tugging at my wiper blades and looking over to me. I said “That’s it, just do the basics and let me get out of here before you rob me blind!”

The guy stops bothering me and as I’m sitting there in my car I can hear the exact same up selling going on in the other 2 bays. Boy these guys are something else. Even at the end, one of the other technicians passes by my truck and looks under the hood then comes up to me and tells me my main belt is close to slipping off the pulleys and I could end up getting stranded somewhere.

I know upselling is a part of any service business but where do you draw the line?


We only up sell when people can REALLY use an additional service. If we notice that their gutters are full when we’re cleaning the windows of course we try to get them to pay us for gutter cleaning and usually they do. trying to sell someone a service they don’t need is dishonest and just bad business.

Yeah, every time I get an oil change they always up sell the crap out of me…by the time you leave you practically have a new car with all the new parts you bought.

I heard Wal-Mart got in trouble for not actually changing the oil, they just added some to what you currently had.

I stopped shopping at Wal-Mart about 4 years ago. I don’t think an Informed and Moral person can do so with a clear conscience.

In what way? Employee relations? China trade? Strong-arm vendor practices? How do they differ from other retailers?

I understand that they have a program to hire the disabled.

I know what you mean. I stopped going to Oil Changers because they upsold like crazy. I went in for a 25 dollar oil change, and almost always ended up spending $100-200 dollars.

The quick oil change place I got to now, doesn’t bother me at all, they only upsold me once. They change the oil, I pay only about $20 + tax and the envionmental fee, and I go on my merry way.

I used to go to a similar place. Every time it was something. When I was younger I was always like “well, you better do it!” They must have loved me. Now I have a truck I just crawl underneath and do it myself. And the savings are great. I had the oil changed in my truck “professionally” one time and it was almost $100 :eek:

I change my own oil as well,they went as far as to try to tell me I had a bad seal that needed to be replaced,after hearing the price I gawked and said"no way this truck is brand new" it was leaving its mark everywhere(oil)I went to these guys before and was on to them
the drain screw was only finger tight!, once I put a wrench on it the oil leak went away hmm

With my window jobs I always offer other services and if I see something out of place and I can handle it I always ask

[QUOTE=Beautiful View;12905]How much do you try to up sell your customers?

I upsold two of my customers in the last two weeks, both were happy that I suggested the extra service (which was putting the cleaning of the inside windows on the schedule)

An upsell is the perfect way to add profits to your company if it’s done correctly. Anyone not upselling is leaving money on the table. I didn’t want to throw a smorgasboard of extra services at 'em after the job was done, so I generally limited it to one upsell.

My favorite and most successful upsell was ceiling fan cleaning. After the job was done and they’re pleased with the service, I’d say something like:

[I]Mrs Jones, I noticed as i was cleaning your windows that your ceiling fans need a good cleaning also. Having your windows [B]and[/B] ceiling fans cleaned will really make the entire house have a nice sparkle to it. It should only take about a half hour and I can do it for $45. Can I take care of that for you today?[/I]

I charged $5 a fan, so as I walked through the house doing the inside windows, I’d be tallying up the ceiling fans in the house so that I’d have the price info. ready for my upsell pitch.