Tank set-up

I have a 50 gal. tank in my SUV. Do I need more than a hose connection to my pressure washer(Karcher 3000psi 2.5 gpm) Do I need a smaller pump in-between the tank and pressure washer?:confused:

If I understand right, yep, you will need a pump. Hit up Ron Musgraves, he will know the right one to get.

I know where to get the pump. I thought the pump on the the pressure washer was all I needed. Damn. Thanks Tory

Get involved in the forums as ptstate.com. When you go there, use the search button a ton before you ask anything, otherwise, you’ll get the response, “use the search button, then come back with your questions.” Great group of people, and they expect folks to do their homework when it comes to commonly asked questions.


That little Karcher isn’t going to pull from a tank.
You need a belt drive or gear drive to easily pull from a tank.

if the pressure washer has a flooded suction it should be fine