Target has moved

So occasionally I check Zillow house prices to gauge where to target homes that fall in a category I think is most likely to have “disposable income” in order to hire services such as window cleaning and house cleaning (Helpful hint: note which driveways have house cleaners car).
I used to target the $350,000 and up homes - but with the crazy housing market it seems the $450,000+ are lesser homes than the $300,000+ homes used to be.
So are more people House Rich & Cash Poor, while the Cash Rich & House To Match are more elusive?
I have found that house price is seldom a good barometer anymore. Curb appeal of the house tells a little more if the owners have a well kept property (pay for services) as opposed to price depicts a likely customer.
It seems those $350K $400K homes aren’t as likely as before to hire luxury services. Thoughts?

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Locally, housing price does not reflect much. Pricing is going through the roof here in Colorado, and a lot of our clients seem to be owners using it as a vacation rental. So two years ago what it used to be an $80,000 mobile home is now a $200,000 mobile home vacation rental.

They usually have no problem with costs, those on fixed income (Social Security) are different.

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This topic is timely based on the insanity of the Austin market. We are seeing YoY increases of 30% which blows my mind.

I stepped away from the window cleaning business and was doing remodeling for a few years. Now with the price of materials, I went back to my storage unit and dug out all my window cleaning gear.

The upside with home prices going through the proverbial roof, it gives me a chance to change my pricing structure.

With prices the way they have jumped you would think recycled building material would be on the upswing.

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As someone who recently fought the housing market for 6 months as a buyer (and decided to wait til this bubble pops), the $450k homes are definitely less home than the $300k homes used to be.

In 2021, $300k here gets you a 1 BR shack with no property. $450k is a small house and $500k+ is in the range of a former $350k house.

Even recycled building materials have become incredibly expensive. Supply and demand is squeezing the market in this area.

My crew moved back to Houston and they’re focused on handyman opportunities which is great for them and pays well. I thought about doing landscaping, but window cleaning is something I’ve done over the years and I’ve already got the investment in the gear. Easy choice.

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1,000 people a day move to Florida, so lots of construction going on. I have been picking up more condos of late. I don’t do exteriors of those 12 to 20 story buildings, but I do the balcony’s glass panels and everything else interior. They pay well and so far have landed several by word of mouth.