Target Market - General Contractors

I am currently putting together some different direct marketing campaigns. I am focusing on building email lists and using emails and my website to attract and promote business.

Some of the target audiences I have identified are:
]property management
[]mortgage brokers (foreclosures)
]general contractors
[]apartment complexes
]poa or hoa

I am looking for some advice on how to really target apartment complexes and poa/hoa. I know apartment complexes whether they are high end or low end can benefit from gutter cleaning. BUT what about poa or hoa…those organizations have monies set aside for maintenance - no matter what the economy is like…right? How do I connect with them and really target that market?
Any suggestions? I have attempt to go through the wcr site to find information related to this subject but I couldn’t find anything.
I really look forward to hearing from you.
And if you are interested I have found a great way to set up an email list for realtors without paying for it. I have sent out 3 emails to the area realtors, approximately 250, received 2 jobs and 1 estimate.

Regarding general contractors: We have a local contractors exchange – [I]a member-operated, non-profit association of contractors and construction professionals. [They] provide members with access to bidding documents, industry education, safety training and construction resources.[/I]

There are opportunities for one to collect resource information (names, etc.) as well as advertise. Perhaps there are some in your area.

great. we have a home builders association? is that the same thing?

How did you do it? I did kind of the same thing the other day but only found less then twenty. Some have their email in the phone book. No calls yet.


I would ax the emails- you will get spammed

Send them a nice letter and remember to soft sell them. First build up their interest with things that matter to them (see my post Commercial Selling). As soon as it looks like a sales pitch it is in the trash. First peak their interest.

Getting their address and # is really nothing useful. Open the white pages, you have 100s of thousands to contact there.

What we say when we get their attention is all that matters.

While I appreciate the advice, I don’t totally agree. Now I do believe this strategy would be based on your market. Example: I live and work in a very small towns. So therefore I already have brand recognition…and that’s huge. So when a potential/future customer gets an email from me they recognize the company name. Again this is a huge advantage in a small market like mine. I am sure this wouldn’t work in the larger markets.

Second has this wonderful content checker. It is used by the big email companies to detect spam content. So fortunately for me my email content and email address will not automatically spam me. If that makes sense.

And my train of thought leads me to this. Putting together a comprehensive email list, an attention grabbing subject line, and a valuable informative email won’t cost me a dime…only my time (which right now I have plenty to give).

does your brand get them to buy? I recognize Mad Dog wine and I wouldn’t buy it

sadly name recognition is a teeny tiny part of it. They need a reason

let us know how it turns out

while again i understand your point. understand this, i don’t pretend to be some marketing genius…but what i do do is constantly strive to learn from other successful people and companies and attempt to use this forum as a means to gather information and share information.

as far as my brand…brand recognition is very important. studies have shown that to be a fact for years. we recognize logos, tag lines, etc. now the association is what we (the company) must manage carefully. fortunately for me my window cleaning company is nationally recognized…and it was started right here in good ole eastern north carolina. and oh of course plenty of people will avoid the brand, and go w/ the guy w/ a bucket and truck…because “they” are cheaper, at least initially, but 9 times out of 10 that guy won’t be here next year…and i will.

having an attention grabbing subject line gets me in…and i give them plenty of valid reasons to at least keep reading, if not to contact me.

and actually i have done the direct mail letters as well, and was very successful. i am just trying a new avenue to see what happens. using the internet and email is a low-cost way to market and promote…to me it’s worth a shot.

and what’s wrong with mad dog? man times are tough :wink:

Brand awareness is good! But far from everything otherwise we would not be discussing methods of getting more customers. They would already be there.

Hey, if you can get around the spam issue I would definatley email as many of them as possible. I am all for marketing on a budget

I do recall a dance with Mad Dog one night when I was young… Do they filter the water or just take it directly out of the river?

in these parts…right out of the river!