Targeted homes

Wow, house prices have really gone nuts the last few years.
I used to target from $350,000 and up for likely customers - now I may have to start aiming for $475,000/$525,000 and up!

It has always been “cash rich and house poor” not buying services - to “house rich and cash poor” not buying services, then having to find that sweet spot in between of “cash comfortable” to have disposable income to buy services.

Looks like a new learning curve to find the NEW customers comfort zone. How’s it in your area?

Homes sold pricing

I’m in Louisville, my house value went up 25% in two years. A lot of richer people here are selling their mega houses for a stiff profit and renting much smaller houses until the bubble pops and they can put it toward another mega house.

About the same here. Mine went up 24%. People are getting in bidding wars to buy some homes and they are selling for more than the asking price.
There is a lot of money out there, just not mine. LOL

In Toronto Canada you could basically by a townhouse or Condo for 500-600k $ USD so… no comment.

That’s insane, like California or NY insane.

Here they range from $200k to $800k+, depending on the area and amenities.